Will dogs dream like humans?Experts tell you with experiments

Are you curious about dreaming when you sleep, or just rest unconsciously.Will it dream of its daily life, or do you dream of some strange things?Will it remember its dream, or will it quickly forget?

In short, can it experience and enjoy dreams like humans?

To answer this question, we first need to understand how dogs sleep and dream.Dogs are very smart and sensitive animals. They can perceive and understand the surrounding environment and situation through language, body language, emotion, and behavior.

When dogs sleep, they also experience different stages of sleep, some of which are conducive to dreaming.

Scientific research has proven that the dog’s brain structure is similar to humans, and the brain wave mode is similar during sleep. There will also be the same eyeball as humans dreaming when dreaming. These findings show that dogs will also dream.

So how do people prove that dogs can dream?There are several ways to use it to determine whether the dog is dreaming:

1. Observe the physical performance of the dog.

When the dog is sleeping, first enter the non-fast eye movement stage (Non-Rapid Eye Movements, NREM; also known as Slow Wave Sleep, SWS). At this stage, the brain is mainly used. At this timeHowever, the muscles are still in a state of tension; afterwards, enter the fast eye movement sleeping stage (RAPID EYE MOVEANTS, Rem), which is mainly used to restore physical strength. At this time

During the fast -eyed sleeping stage, the dog may move their legs like running, excite, breathe rapidly, and sometimes even hold their breath.These are signs of dog dreaming.

2. Monitor the dog’s brain waves.

Scientists can record their brain wave changes when they are put on an electro -electrode instrument.When the dogs enter the fast -eyed sleeping stage, their ease electrical wave frequency becomes faster, the amplitude becomes lower, which is similar to when it is awake.This shows that the dog is in a half sober state at this stage and is watching those living images in the dream.

3. Inhibit the dog’s brain bridge activity.

The brain bridge located on the brain stem is a special part, which allows us to treat us honestly on the bed while dreaming.Scientists use this to suppress the activity of the dog in the experiment. In this way, the activities of dogs can be observed directly.

As a result, as expected, although the dog is still sleeping, they can move, and they can only start at a certain stage after falling asleep. These activities are likely to be reflected in their daily life in dreams.

In summary, we can conclude that dogs can dream, and their dreams may be related to their daily life, such as chasing, playing, eating, etc.

However, we cannot determine whether the dog’s dream is as meaningful and logical as human dreams, nor can we determine whether dogs will remember their dreams, or whether they will be affected by dreams.These issues also need more scientific research to explore and answer.

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