Will contraceptive pills fat and cancer?These 6 questions you care about, answer for you

In addition to contraception such as condoms, breeding rings, and ligation, contraceptives and contraception are the most common contraceptive methods.The success rate of contraception and contraception is very high, and it is a more reliable means of contraception.However, many people still wait and see, and dare not take contraceptives.As a result, 6 common questions are brought to you one by one.

1. Does eating contraceptives feel uncomfortable?

Oral short -acting contraceptives need to be taken every day, so many people want to know if they will feel uncomfortable after taking contraceptives.During the period of taking contraceptives, irregular vaginal bleeding may occur, and there may be symptoms of dizziness, headache, and fatigue.However, these uncomfortable symptoms do not always appear. After a period of time, they will disappear, but some women have always felt uncomfortable. At this time, go to the hospital to check to see if there is a disease in the body.

2. Will you get fat for contraceptives?

Many people retreated as soon as the composition of contraceptives. The main component of the contraceptive pills was estrogen and progesterone. Eating hormones would gain weight, so eating contraceptives would gain weight.In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem at all. Studies have shown that the impact of contraceptives on weight is very small, and it can almost ignore it.Three contraceptives can cause edema, so many women will feel that taking contraceptives will gain weight, but the four contraceptives have improved this problem.

3. Will eating contraceptives suffer from cancer?

Because the composition of contraceptives is estrogen and progesterone, many women are worried that taking contraceptives will increase the risk of breast cancer.At present, there is controversy on this issue. No evidence can prove that taking contraceptives will increase the risk of cancer.On the contrary, taking contraceptives will also reduce the risk of cancer, such as ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.Therefore, on this issue, it is necessary to dialectically treat it. If you have family history such as ovarian cancer and cervical cancer, you can consult a doctor before deciding whether it is not used.

4. What are the taboos of taking contraceptives?

In the process of taking contraceptives, pay attention to some taboos.First of all, women with breastfeeding should not use contraceptives. Patients with hypertension with inadequate blood pressure control should not use contraceptives.Also, people with a bad heart. People with ischemic heart disease should not take contraceptives. Patients who have gained breast cancer should not use contraceptives.If you have diabetes and have more serious complications, contraceptives cannot be used.

5. How should people who take contraceptives prepare for pregnancy?

If you have always been taken by oral contraceptives, you can stop the medicine directly if you want to get pregnant, and you do not require you to wait for a few months before pregnancy.Because ovulation again after discontinuation of contraceptives is at least two weeks later.If you really don’t worry, wait for a few months before getting pregnant.

6. How to choose contraceptives?

Contraceptive pills are mainly divided into three types. The first is short -acting oral contraceptives, the second is long -acting oral contraceptive pill, and the third is emergency contraceptive pill.Short -acting oral contraceptives can be used as conventional contraceptives and can be taken for a long time.After taking long -term oral contraceptives, there will be strong side effects, and there will be a lot of uncomfortable feelings. Few people now use it.Emergency contraceptives can be seen from the name that it can only be used as emergency contraceptive measures. Do not exceed twice a year, and between twice is more than three months.

Regarding contraceptives, everyone has questions. It is a normal thing. The above are 6 questions that everyone often has. I hope that after reading the answer, everyone can re -examine the contraceptive method of contraceptive pills.Each contraceptive method is beneficial and disadvantages. Choose a reliable contraceptive method and perform correctly in order to achieve the purpose of contraception.

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