Will cervicitis affect conception during pregnancy?What are the hazards of cervicitis

Cervicitis is generally divided into two types of chronic and acute in childcare women. Patient’s leucorrhea will increase and show purulent mucus. Pain or bloodshot will occur during sexual life. Cervicalitis will cause women to cause women.Is there a miscarriage?

Will cervicitis affect conception?

One of the causes of miscarriage is caused by chronic cervicitis. Cervicitis can easily cause tissue to change, decreases elasticity, and will not become unable to become smooth during the production process. In severe cases, it will affect sexual life.Not only such chronic cervicitis can also lead to increased cervical secretions, sticky secretions, and containing a large amount of white blood cells. This is not conducive to the penetration power of sperm, hindering the sperm’s entering the women’s uterine cavity, which affects the conception.

What other hazards?

1. Deep lesions will occur

Passionate chronic cervicitis may cause deeper lesions, because long -term stimulation of chronic inflammation may cause laceration, polyps or cysts.

2. Increase the chance of cancer

Chronic cervicitis patients have a very high chance of suffering from cervical cancer. Because of the stimulation of chronic inflammation for a long time, cervical hyperplasia will occur atypical hyperplasia. If it is not treated in timeCervicitis often combines HPV infection.

3. It will cause complications

When suffering from chronic cervicitis, it will cause inflammation of other organs. For example, it will cause women to develop endometritis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and it will also cause urinary system diseases, which will cause difficulty in urination, urgency, urinary pain, urinary painSymptoms of frequent urination.

What are the dietary taboos of cervicitis?

Patients with cervicitis should avoid spicy foods such as peppercorns, mustard, fennel, pepper, onion, peppercorns, etc. In addition, avoid eating beef, mutton, dog meat and other foods that can easily cause fire and aggravate the disease.In addition, seafood, crabs, oysters, abalone and other seafoods are not eaten by hair products, which is not conducive to the fading of inflammation.Foods that do not eat sweet and thick foods such as glutinous rice balls, lard, egg yolk, candy and other foods are easy to wet, reduce the curative effect, and cause the disease to worsen.Avoid drinking, wine is warm and irritating food, which will aggravate the body’s humidity.

Patients with cervicitis should pay attention to personal hygiene in life, so as to change their underwear. After washing the underwear, they should be exposed to the sun, which is conducive to anti -inflammatory sterilization.

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