Will bitter gourd and drink soy milk osteoporosis?You may have heard these 9 rumors, you might as well see

Osteoporosis is common in women who have menopausal and men over 50 years old.Although osteoporosis cannot be reversed, this is an anti -controllable disease. Actively preventing and scientific medication can delay the development of the disease.There are many statements about osteoporosis about osteoporosis, such as vinegar, bitter gourd, or drinking plenty of water to cause osteoporosis. Drinking more bone soup and soy milk can prevent osteoporosis. Is this really true?Let’s take a look.

1. Vinegar is easy to cause osteoporosis

After the vinegar enters the blood, it is oxidized into water and carbon dioxide, and the bones cannot be dissolved at all.For those with less gastric acid, jealousy can promote insoluble calcium to convert into ionic state, promote calcium absorption, and can prevent osteoporosis.

2. Drinking pure water will cause osteoporosis

There is no causal between pure water and osteoporosis.Under normal circumstances, the calcium ion concentration in the body fluid is in a balanced state. No matter which water drinks, it will not affect the calcium ion concentration, so pure water does not cause calcium loss.The causes of calcium loss include age, unreasonable diet, hormone levels, lack of exercise, etc., have nothing to do with pure water.

3. Dust bitter gourd can easily cause osteoporosis

Bitteric acid contains oxalic acid. Ocaxalic acid can hinder calcium metabolism. Too many oxalic acid can reduce bone density and increase risk of kidney stones.However, the amount of oxalic acid contained in bitter gourds is almost not affecting calcium metabolism, so the saying that eating bitter gourd to cause osteoporosis is not established.

4. Drinking soy milk can prevent osteoporosis

Some people replace milk with soy milk, thinking that calcium can be supplemented to prevent osteoporosis.Although soybeans are rich in calcium, the calcium content after making soy milk decreases, which is not like the equivalent milk. Therefore, calcium supplementation should be preferred.

5. Drinking bone soup can prevent osteoporosis

Although the bones are rich in calcium, the calcium is insoluble in water. No matter how long it is boiled, the calcium in the bone cannot be dissolved in the soup, but it contains too much purine and fat, which affects calcium absorption.

6. Normal blood calcium will not suffer from osteoporosis

It is not possible to judge the risk of osteoporosis at the level of blood calcium. Normal blood calcium does not mean that calcium in the bones is normal.In most patients with primary osteoporosis, blood calcium levels are normal. When the body is deficient in calcium, the body will be adjusted by itself, prompting calcium stored in the bones to release blood and maintain normal blood calcium.

7, osteoporosis is an elderly disease

Osteoporosis is not exclusive to the elderly, and there are young cases in clinical practice.Young people lack exercise, partial eclipse or picky eaters, and often smoke and drink, etc., will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

8. Treatment of osteoporosis is equivalent to calcium supplementation

The root cause of osteoporosis is abnormal bone metabolism. Because the bone generating speed is lower than the bone absorption rate, it can not treat osteoporosis only by relying on calcium supplementation.Orthopedic loosening is comprehensive treatment to increase bone density and enhance bone strength.

9. Patients with osteoporosis cannot exercise

Patients with osteoporosis lack exercise can accelerate the loss of bone volume, muscle strength decrease, and also affects joint flexibility. The risk of fracture of falling fractures is relatively high, so it should be maintained in moderate exercise.

Kind tips

In order to prevent osteoporosis, nutritional support should be strengthened. In addition to supplementing sufficient calcium, it should also provide sufficient high -quality protein, vitamin C and vitamin D.Choosing to mitigating aerobic exercises, such as swimming, cycling or walking, can improve body sensitivity and improve balance.If necessary, use medication under the guidance of a doctor to prevent osteoporosis from developing.

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