Will "the same room" during pregnancy cause abortion?The 4 major questions that trouble the expectant mothers, there are answers here, there are answers

For women who are married and have children or are entering pregnancy, various problems of reproduction are more concerned.And many people do not understand that they blindly believe in some wrong knowledge, and do problems in the wrong way when needed, so that there are problems.Therefore, some common reproductive problems should be understood by women.

1. Shipping does not affect sexual life

Because when the birth is smooth, the fetus will come out of the vagina, and even some need to do side -cutting, which makes many women think that the delivery will cause the vagina to relax and affect the quality of sexual life.But in fact, during the process of pregnancy, due to hormone changes, the pelvic floor muscles will gradually relax, so that the fetus can be born smoothly during production.However, due to the repair function of the vagina itself, the vagina will gradually return to the level before production within 3 months to 2 years after delivery. Therefore, as long as the exercise is strengthened after delivery, the vaginal elasticity can be restored and tight.

2. The dysmenorrhea will disappear after giving birth

Most of the older generations often say that they do not have dysmenorrhea after giving birth, but in fact, this is a wrong saying. The reason why women can dysmenorrhea is because menstrual blood cannot be discharged smoothly, or there is a organic disease.No matter what reason, it will not improve after giving birth. If there is a disease, the source disease needs to be treated to relieve the dysmenorrhea.And if the menstrual blood does not communicate, it is necessary to regulate qi and blood, not to expect the dysmenorrhea to disappear after giving birth.

3. IVF can be done at any time

Many women have given up their best age in pursuing their careers, but as they continue to grow, they have spent the best time when they want to give birth.IVF is currently a relatively common auxiliary reproductive surgery. Its surgical success rate is extremely high. It is the best choice for many couples who cannot conceive naturally.However, it should be noted that IVF does not want to do it. It will also be limited by age. The older the younger women’s surgery, the higher the rate of success.

4. Sexual life during pregnancy can cause abortion

Some women will be particularly cautious after pregnancy, and even the close life between husband and wife will omit, thinking that this will hurt the fetus.But in fact, the fetus is living in a liquid amniotic sac, and the muscles in the uterus will also protect the fetus. At the same time, the cervix will secrete mucus to prevent uterine expansion.It will not cause damage.

Warm reminder that women must understand some common reproductive problems, especially women who want to prepare for pregnancy after marriage. After all, understanding that they can be correct when they appear, and take measures to prevent blindness from entering misunderstandings.

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