Wild vegetables in spring


People who like health have heard of it

Many people often have their figures in the insulation cup

We usually use tea to make tea dried fruit

It looks like wolfberry fresh fruit is dried after drying

These red fruits are the fresh fruits of wolfberry

Like a small glowing ruby

Taste sweet

Fresh and juicy

do you know?In addition to wolfberry fruits, wolfberry buds can also be eaten as vegetables, raw, stir -fried, pickled or soup.

Before and after Qingming, the rain was abundant and the temperature was suitable. It was a good time for all kinds of wild vegetables.

Recently, a low shrub has grown up, and the delicate wolfberry buds have revealed their heads.

"Wolfberry Spring Leaves and Qiuzi" is about one of the wolfberry buds one of the "Spring and Flower".

Now follow us to start a journey of science knowledge of wolfberry bud!

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Let’s summarize the knowledge points together!

Is wolfberry buds and wolfberry heads the same?

Lycium barbarum buds are also called wolfberry heads, wolfberry, beet heads, etc. It is the tender shoots and tender leaves of the belonging to the plant wolfberry of the eggplant. It is usually picked in early spring.

How long is the picking period of wolfberry buds?How to pick?

Wolfberry is a perennial plant. After the old branches are cut off in February in the coming year, the new buds will grow again. The output of wolfberry buds is very high. Generally, it is 5 or 6 cm in the buds above.After picking, it will grow again in a few days.

The picking period can be from early March to July, and wolfberry can be picked from November to January of the following year.

How to ensure the quality of wolfberry buds?

Now all the 10 acres of wolfberry planted in the base are all Ningxia large leaf wolfberry. Its characteristics are that the leaves are wide, and it smells a light fragrance with a bitter fragrance.In order to ensure the quality of wolfberry buds, the base uses organic fertilizer fermentation from green fertilizer and other green fertilizers.

Cooking method of wolfberry buds

Oil and salt fried wolfberry buds

The book "Dream of Red Mansions" also describes this as a master of Chinese culture. In the 61st, the "Rat Taboo Baoyu concealed the stubborn and judged the right to the prison":Want to change the taste, Tanchun and Baodi discussed that they would eat oil and salt and stir -fry wolfberry buds.

Ingredients: moderate amount of wolfberry buds, 1 porcelain spoon (about 15 ml) of rapeseed oil, salt 2 small seasoning spoons (6 grams), sugar 1 full seasoning spoon (4 grams).

Method: Add rapeseed oil to the pot, add salt to sauté, then stir -fry the wolfberry buds, add sugar, stir fry evenly to get out of the pot.

Cold wolfberry buds

Ingredients: 350 grams of wolfberry buds, 10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of salt, appropriate amount of sesame oil.

Method: Add water to boil in the pot, simmer wolfberry, remove the water control, sprinkle with wolfberry, and add salt and sesame oil to mix well.

Pig heart wolfberry bud ravioli

Material: 1 pig heart, 250 grams of wolfberry buds, white onion and tempeh.

Method: Wash the pig heart and cut into fine diced shapes; wolfberry buds and green onions are chopped; put tempeh in the pot, add water, and cook the sauce; put the pig heart, wolfberry buds, onion white into the sauce, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine, add rice wine.Salt on low heat for food.

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