Wife with bad breath, don’t touch it yet!

Wife stinks, does not take a bath, and refuses the life of husband and wife!

Netizens briefly:

I work in Beijing and earn about 50,000 per month. Occasionally, I can 89,000 a few months, but I feel that my life is almost going.

Her wife did not go to work, and the money was in her hands, but she never cleaned up the house. The door of the wardrobe and the cupboard was always opened.

She and her child sleeping in the bedroom, I sleep in the living room.

She has always had severe bad breath. She did not take a shower once every ten and a half months, and her underwear and panties did not change.She didn’t let me touch it, and I was not interested.

I thought about divorce, but no one fell in love with me in my forties. Even if I saw it, it was still the case in a few years.

Even if he invites a nanny, he can’t solve the problem of her personal hygiene.In addition, I don’t worry about giving the child to the nanny.

I feel lively and depressed, and I have nothing to say with my wife.She never had a good look at me, but called with her family, but she smiled and trembled.

I don’t know how I mixed like this!

[Heart] —— [Heart] —— [Heart] —— [Heart]

Yuma Yingchuan:

People who have no courage are not worthy of anything.

When it comes to "bad breath", I have a deep understanding.

In junior high school, my boy at the same table was a bad guy.

Not only bad breath, he also loves garlic.

Daily self -study, he just had dinner, and turned on his horrible "poisonous gas time" -the method of refining and vomiting like a toad.Between Huha, there was a bad odor within two meters.

I started from my heart and asked him why he was so angry?IntersectionDo you know such a smell, you have a headache!

He didn’t have any guilt, but shouted to me, "Good students can bully people!"

At that time, I didn’t see the rogue at that time, and I was abducted by his non -brainy morality.It seems that I have a good grade, and naturally there is no right to blame him.

No way, I went to the class teacher to ask for a seat.The head teacher said that you are a study member and should help the students. I will wait for him to let him not be angry in the future.

Then -of course it is useless, he continues to be angry, I am still at the same table.

Forced to be helpless, I went home to bring a sandalwood fan to school.As soon as he was angry, I pinched my nose and opened the fan.

This incident, this person, made me have a deep pain of "bad breath".Since then, I have vowed: I will definitely not have intersect with anyone who stink.

Whether he is a classmate, colleague, friend, passersby … as long as he has bad breath -leave!

So, so far, the people around me have no bad breath.Because I can’t stand the traits, I will definitely select.

You are very strange. You clearly say that you can’t stand your wife’s bad breath and bad hygiene habits, but you still marry her and have children, and have lived together for so many years.

Is she suddenly bad breath after marriage?


Personal hygiene is a relatively stable habit.Those who love cleanliness will always love cleanliness;

Why did you go before marriage?

Can’t smell her bad breath?Can’t see her sloppy?Don’t know she is lazy?

If you accepted all this at the time, then you chose it yourself. What are you complaining?

You ask why you are mixed like this?

It is destined to start with your choice of this person.

After marriage, you discovered all this, why not stop loss in time, and continue this relationship?

When you work, your wife is lying at home.

You make money, your wife cares for money.

You sleep in the living room, your wife sleeps on the bedroom.


What role do you play in marriage and family?

You may think that you are the "master of a family", but you look more like "a slave of a family."

You are in his forties, your children should also be a teenage, at least the age of enrollment.Do this big child still need a full -time care for mothers?Do you still need to sleep on a bed with your mother?


But your home is still running like this.


Because your wife does not need to make money, you can raise all the family.Your child does not need to get out of the bedroom because you are willing to sleep in the living room.

To put it plainly, one is willing to fight and be willing to be suffocated.

If you have a firm position and a clear attitude, this is impossible to be this situation.

You are afraid of any changes.

Maybe because of pregnancy, my wife resigned from work; maybe because the baby was small, I rushed you to the living room.

But you dare not change back and keep brainwashing yourself. I don’t want it: she can’t make a few dollars at work. No one cares about her children when she goes to work. She ignores me.I’m too lazy to touch her …

You have been trying to rationalize and unreasonable in your life.But you can’t lie to yourself at all -you have not accepted it all like that.

You are suppressed, angry, self -doubtful, and dissatisfied.But you still maintain the status quo, indicating that you are really weak.

In the same marriage, your wife’s feelings should be completely opposite to you.

She completely became herself:

She got everything she wanted: house, child, ticket.

She also rejected everything she didn’t want: she didn’t want to go to work, she didn’t want to do housework, she didn’t want to brush her teeth, she would not wash, she didn’t want to go with you … so she was very happy, she could laugh at the flower branch to the flower branchTrend.

Her logic, regardless of whether it is correct or selfish, at least self -consistent -she thinks so, just do it, and do it.

And you?

First, you hate the chaos at home, but you can’t change your wife and don’t want to ask for a nanny.

You say that the nanny can’t care about your wife brushing his teeth and bathing, but the nanny can solve the problem of public health and environmental cleanliness.

There are five problems. It is also good to solve three first, but because you cannot solve the five at one time, you will not solve it.

Second, you can’t go on, but also say that divorce is useless, because everyone will be like this.

Where did you come from?

Many families are not your family like this.

There are many women who have giving birth to baby and continue to work, more women who clean up their homes, and more women who have no bad breath and take a bath.

If you dare not divorce, admit that you dare not divorce, let alone find anyone else.

Third, you think that only your mother can bring a good child, and there will be problems with remarry or finding a nanny.

This sentence looks no problem, but the premise is that this mother is at least a normal person.

If a woman is good and evil, has nothing to do, the husband and wife have bad relationships, and their personal hygiene is poor, but can they educate the child well, do you believe it?

This kind of woman who is not good at herself, where does the superpowers come from, will educate a good child?

Longsheng Longfeng Shengfeng, mice will have holes, and children are all scholarship.A daddy on the verge of collapse, and a bad mother, will only raise a inferiority child with no exception.

The reason why your wife is willing to bring children is just to find a reason not to work, and to get your money more straightforwardly, it is not because of any love or responsibility.

The relationship between you has long been dead: a vampire, with a little puppet, knocking the bone and absorbing a coward.

After being sucked for a long time, your coward has begun to "rationalize" your behavior again -you have a barrier to each way out of every way you think of, and refuse to escape.

Your wife has long seen you through your counseling, and you are too lazy to care about you -let you go, you dare not move.

You don’t have it!

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