Wife: I met you in my dream, and then I became pregnant. Do you believe it?Minister: I believe

Normally, everyone will dream, and some dreams are more bizarre than science fiction movies. If the eaves go to the wall, they can even shuttle between the interstellar. It is empty to wake up.Perhaps dreams are likely to enter the reality, but have you ever heard that you can get pregnant by dreaming?In ancient times, a minister, who was ordered by the emperor for several months for a business trip, but his wife became pregnant after returning. The reason given is incredible.

When it comes to the Tang Dynasty’s Yang Guozhong, it is estimated that many people have understanding their deeds. At least they know that he was a pet minister around Tang Xuanzong, but he had no ability to reach the prime minister. All of them benefited from the cousin Yang Yuhuan.Although Yang Guozhong came from a famous door, Zhang Yizhi had a lot of relationship with Wu Zetian, but he did not learn nothing when he was young, and he was idle all day long.

If Yang Guozhong is working hard, even if he cannot pass the imperial examination, he can also make a half -job with a prominent family.Later, because of good gambling, he owed a debt and was forced to leave his hometown without any gambling. From then on, he wandered around and lived a life of clothing and no belly.According to this trend, it is hard to say whether you can marry your wife in this life.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Guozhong ran to Shu to the army in order to make a livelihood. Because he had not studied martial arts, his boss arranged him a Tuntian work, that is, planted in the barracks.Three and sixty lines, the champion is out, maybe Yang Guozhong has the talent of the land, the work ability is affirmed, so he became the county captain.

A few years later, Yang Guozhong was unemployed. He usually spent money like flowing water.When he was depressed, he received Zhang Qiu and Qiong’s invitation and asked him to go to the house to be a guest. Yang Guozhong was happy, and there was no place to eat and drink. How could he miss such a good opportunity.Zhang Qiu and Qiong, who is Jiannan Jiejie, why should he take the initiative to make an unemployed tourist Yang Guozhong?

It turned out that Yang Yuhuan was not long -term as a concubine. Zhang Qiu and Qiong wanted to climb Gaozhi through Yang Guozhong’s relationship.He was quite generous, not only delicious, delicious, but also gave Yang Guozhong Gold and Bank, and sent someone to escort him to Chang’an.Yang Guozhong has also seen some worlds, knowing how to deal with interpersonal relationships, and give most property to his cousin Yang Guifei.

As the saying goes, eating people’s mouth is short and soft. Moreover, Yang Guozhong is his own cousin, and Yang Guifei said a few words in front of the emperor from time to time.Soon after, Tang Xuanzong summoned Yang Guozhong to give a good official position and allow him to be free to enter and leave the palace. Since then, Yang Guozhong stepped into Qingyun, and the identity of the emperor’s relatives, Wen Chen and military generals rushed to meet.

In the ancient book "Kaiyuan Tianbao Religion", Yang Guozhong’s interesting thing was recorded.One year, a flood occurred in Jiangnan, and Xuanzong made a imperial decree, allowing Yang Guozhong to rush to Jiangnan for relief. He returned to Beijing a few months later, but learned that his wife Pei Rou was pregnant with six.Yang Guozhong was very depressed. If he didn’t want to think about bad aspects, let his wife explain it well.

Pei Rou said with grievances: "One night, I met my husband in my dream, and then I became pregnant. Do you believe it?" This explanation will not believe it, but Yang Guozhong is different, butHe smiled and said: I believe!Later, his wife Pei Rou said comforting: "This is the concept of husband and wife, and emotions come." Why did Yang Guozhong have no doubt about his wife’s words?What do you think about this?

Reference materials: "Kaiyuan Tianbao Restaurant", "Old Tang Book · Volume One 186"

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