Why should the two bars of the pregnancy test stick go to the hospital for diagnosis?

Changsha Baijiali Maria Medical Care is taking a blood test for pregnant mothers.

Most women use pregnancy test sticks for whether to get pregnant, because it is really fast and very convenient.So why do the doctor frequently warn the pregnant mother to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination?Dr. Ai Jinhong, an obstetrics clinic of Changsha Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that the pregnancy test stick can only measure signs of pregnancy, and it is not necessarily accurate.Yes, in addition, early pregnancy examination can also judge the key development of the embryo.

1. Blood HCG

Determine whether women are pregnant by measuring HCG value in women’s blood.The time of the blood test HCG is earlier than the urine test. Generally speaking, the blood test can be checked one to two days after the menopause of women. At this time, the HCG value in the blood is higher, so the detection is more accurate.

2. progesterone

Many pregnant mothers are unstable after pregnancy, and there will be low progesterone. The progesterone value is generally ideal in medicine between 20-25 and can ensure the normal development of the embryo, but there are also many pregnancy.Mother progesterone value is low. This is because progesterone secretion is pulse secretion, so it is generally not diagnosed with hypertrophy as low as a progesterone value.

3. B -ultrasound

The main purpose of B -ultrasound in early pregnancy is to determine living and intrauterine pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, about 40 days of pregnancy, most of them can see fetal heart buds through B -ultrasound to determine the intrauterine pregnancy.

Fourth, yolk sac

When the average diameter of the gestational sac is 5-6mm, the vaginal ultrasound can be found.When the yolk cylinder appears, it means that the intrauterine pregnancy can be confirmed.

Five, fetal heart, fetal buds

About 40 days of pregnancy, the 0.5-1cm tire buds can be seen in ultrasound. The shape is like a hippocampus.Normally intrauterine pregnancy, you can see the internal fetal buds and fetal heart tube beating in about 6-7 weeks, but it does not rule out irregular menstrual cycle or late ovulation.

Therefore, early pregnancy examination is not just to simply judge whether it is pregnant, but doctors can pay attention to the key development of early pregnancy through key development such as blood HCG, progesterone, yolk, fetal buds, and fetal hearts.(Correspondent Hou Rui))

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