Why should "act" in the second trimester wear condoms?Doctor: It has anything to do with these 3 major reasons

Netizens asked:

"I have been pregnant for more than 5 months now. When I was pregnant before, the doctor did not recommend that our husband and wife were in the same room and worried about the abortion of the child. Now the doctor said that he can have a sexual life appropriately, but we need to wear a condom.Do you need to wear a condom? "

① Women do not have the same room in the early pregnancy (before 12 weeks) in the early pregnancy, because at this time, the fetus is not stable and the sexual life is too intense, which may cause abortion of the fetus;

② Do not have the same room at the time of pregnancy (6 weeks before giving birth). At this time

③ It is not advisable to do the same room within 6 weeks after the production. At this time, women have just given birth to their children. They have weak physical aspects, poor immunity and resistance. It is easy to infect germs.

When a woman is pregnant to the second trimester (4-7 months), a proper sexual life can be performed, because the situation of pregnant women and fetuses is relatively stable at this time.However, when sexual life in the middle of pregnancy, the number of times should not be too frequent, and the movement should not be too intense, otherwise it is likely that the pregnant woman’s uterus is in a contracted state for a long time, which can easily cause fetal abortion.However, even if it is in the same room in the middle of pregnancy, pay attention.

① Since the prostinine in semen is absorbed by the female vagina during sex, participating in a variety of metabolic activities, affecting the local cycle and generating a series of reactions. The effect of prostaglandin on the uterus during pregnancy may cause strong uterus contraction.Causes abdominal pain, so wearing a condom can prevent prostaglandin from being absorbed and causing premature birth;

② Men may have urinary and reproductive system infections, but they basically do not have obvious feelings. If men are already infected but they are unaware of it, the pathogenic bacteria may be transmitted to their wives and fetuses at this time, so that they will be infected.Therefore, condoms can also prevent men from transmitting germs to pregnant women and fetuses;

③ After pregnancy, the immune function is in a relatively suppressed state, and it is easy to suffer from reproductive urinary system infection. Therefore, wearing condoms in the same room in the same time in the middle of pregnancy can prevent vaginitis and urinary tract infection, but also prevent premature breakthrough fetal membrane breakthrough breakthrough., Premature fetal birth.

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