Why prepare for pregnancy?What will happen directly?Honestly: The difference is really big

It is said that pregnancy should be natural. People in the old days are not all of them, and the situation of unexpected pregnancy is very common.However, as the times are constantly improving, it is increasingly valued on the matter of pregnancy. The key is that the concept of ideas has also changed greatly, and the medical environment has also made great progress, and the knowledge of health science popularization is gradually improving.

Under various changes, the natural pregnancy is becoming more and less optimistic. Preparation before pregnancy is becoming more and more enthusiastic. Some people still have curiosity. I don’t know what the pregnancy is for?What is different from direct pregnancy?In order to make you aware of the difference between the two, the article will explain in detail.

What is the purpose of pregnancy?

Many people will face the birth after marriage. Perhaps just after one month of marriage, the father -in -law and mother -in -law began to be born in secret. However, for young people, they have their own plans and sometimes do not want to have children prematurely.Moreover, having children also need to be prepared, and need to prepare for three months or more than half a year in advance.

After some young couples are disgusting, they will tell the in -laws that they are preparing for pregnancy. The in -laws do not understand what is preparation and why is there a pregnancy?

To put it simply, preparing for pregnancy is preparing for pregnancy, and deeper, it is to prepare sufficient preparation for giving birth to a healthy baby.Don’t look down on such a behavior. If you don’t make such preparations, have malformations, or the chances of children with related diseases will become higher.

We can learn from big data that there are 1/750 in congenital children in domestic newborns in China, which does not include deformed children. Moreover, the annual deformed child birth rate is increasing.The proportion of newborns with congenital diseases is not high, but what cannot be ignored is that the birth rate has been rising, which means that risks have become greater.Indirectly illustrates the importance of pregnancy. If you want to give birth to a healthy baby, it is necessary to prepare pregnancy in advance.

In addition to being conducive to giving birth to a healthy baby, preparation will increase the chance of pregnancy. For pregnancy -prone to pregnancy, it may not be a chance of this. However, for families with difficulties in pregnancy, it is particularly important for families who have been preparing for many years.

Preparation of pregnancy is to avoid some adverse factors. Some adverse factors will increase the chance of giving birth to malformations or congenital defects, and also affect the chance of pregnancy. Especially some young couples with long -term bad habits will greatly reduce the chance of pregnancy.It will also increase the chance of giving birth to deformed or congenital defects.Long -term evil habits, such as: drinking, smoking, staying up late, overeating, unreasonable diet.Do n’t take it for granted that these behaviors do frequently will reduce the activity of sperm and eggs, and it will cause them to be unable to meet. Even if they encounter it, it may be difficult to survive, making the chance of pregnancy decrease, and may increase the chance of abortion.

In addition, prepare for pregnancy in advance, you can also understand the physical condition of both husband and wife, as well as family history. With all preparations, 3 months of pregnancy will be more beneficial to give birth to healthy babies, and pregnancy will be more smooth.

What will happen directly?

According to the understanding of preparing for pregnancy, you will find that you are directly pregnant and face a big problem, that is, a child or a congenital defect, and a higher probability of newborns with congenital diseases. In addition, there is also a problem.I do n’t know about the family history of the two sides and do not understand it in advance. If someone in the family has a mental illness, it will also increase the chance of suffering from the fetus.

Of course, it is not absolute. In the old age, they were pregnant directly. The chance of giving birth to unhealthy babies is not high, but in order to avoid having unhealthy babies, why not do it?

What are the benefits of replenishing folic acid 3 months in advance?

Folic acid is also a vitamin B9. It is very important for pregnant women and fetuses. If it is lacking during pregnancy, it is easy to cause abortion, dead tires, and the impact on the fetus, which may increase the probability of deformed children.All in all, it is not good for the health of the fetus and pregnant women.

Some people will say that it will not be over during pregnancy. Why should it be added 3 months in advance?It is not enough to rely on food to replenish food at all. It takes additional medicine to supplement, and it takes early supplementation so that pregnant women will not be excessive lack of folic acid. Therefore, many countries will recommend to supplement folic acid 3 months in advance to reduce fetal and pregnant women.The risk of the problem.It is also necessary to remind you that it is better to choose a composite vitamin when you want to better protect the fetus and pregnant women.

After understanding the article, you can know that pregnancy is a very necessary thing. It is good for women and fetuses. I hope that families who have not given birth to children can pay more attention to this. You must learn relevant knowledge in advance.

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