Why isn’t it pregnant during ovulation?Do I have any gynecological diseases?

Many pregnant couples carefully calculate the ovulation period, and then choose to perform the same time.Even so, but in the end, he failed to conceive your child as you wish.At this time, many husbands and wives do n’t understand. Why ca n’t you be pregnant after the same room during ovulation? Today, I will talk to you about the same room and pregnancy during ovulation.

The probability of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation is relatively high, but it depends on the physical condition of women.Under normal circumstances, women’s menstrual rules and ovulation are also regular. It is expected to occur about 14 days before menstruation.However, women are easily affected by spiritual, diet, life, and working environment without ovulation according to the calculated days.Therefore, the probability of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation is not 100 %.

The factors that affect normal conception are as follows:

1. Mature and normal sperm and eggs;

2. Unobstructed reproductive roads;

3. A suitable childbirth environment, with normal uterine cavity and normal endometrium, changes in the endometrium should be suitable for the planting of fertilized eggs;

4. Appropriate ejaculation time.Sperm can survive for about 2-3 days in the uterine cavity, but its fertility ability can only be maintained for 1-2 days.And women will only excrete 1 egg every month. If they cannot encounter sperm, they will lose their pregnancy in 12-24 hours;

5. There must be a certain biochemical foundation. A series of biochemical changes occur before the combination of sperm and eggs. If these changes are normal, the sperm can ensure the smooth combination of sperm and eggs.

The above five basic conditions are a necessary condition for natural conception. If one of them fails, it will affect pregnancy.If there is no pregnancy in the same room during ovulation, you can seek the help of a doctor, find out the reason, and fundamentally solve the problem.

1. Ovarian dysplasia and ovulation dysfunction: Although ovulation, due to poor ovarian development, the luteal function is not complete, which will also affect follicle development and egg excretion, which will eventually cause infertility.

2. Cervical factors: abnormal cervical development, chronic cervical inflammation, uterine dysplasia, endometriosis and other factors may also cause women to be inaccurate. Once the above diseases are found, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

3. Genital developmental malformations: Congenital development of genitals or inconsistent reproductive organ lesions, such as vaginal malformations, vaginal stenosis, and obstruction of minor women’s membrane obstruction, which can hinder the unobstructed and functions of reproductive channels from the vulva to the fallopian tube.The combination of swimming with eggs causes ovulation and is not pregnant.

4. Immune factors: Refers to the existence of anti -sperm antibodies in women’s reproductive tract or serum, causing sperm to condense each other, loss of vitality or death, leading to infertility or infertility.In addition, some infertile women have antibody -like substances in the serum of their own eggs, which can hinder the fertilization of sperm penetration of the eggs and cause infertility.

5. Votular factors: Donistar clogging, fallopian tube accumulation, fallopian tube adhesion, and fallopian tube malformation are important causes of infertility. Infertility caused by fallopian tube factors is also the most common clinical.

In the same room, if the mature eggs and sperm meet and combine it into fertilized eggs, they will be successfully conceived.Couples who are planning to be pregnant can prepare pre -pregnancy preparation, such as pre -pregnancy examinations, smoking quit and alcohol, balanced diet, exercise, and adjusting their schedules.

Of course, you cannot rule out the time outside the ovulation period to conceive.Due to the influence of various factors such as emotional and environmental factors such as female ovulation, sometimes ovulation will be advanced or accidental ovulation. At this time, there is also a chance to get pregnant in the same room.Women who have no fertility requirements for the time being should take contraceptive measures in the same room to avoid accidental pregnancy.

The above is the things in the same room shared with you.The ovulation period may not necessarily be pregnant, because the process of conception is affected by many factors. It has not succeeded at one time. Do not be discouraged.

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