Why is the underwear "wet" during pregnancy?If you find this secretion, it is best to attract attention

We know that women will change their bodies after pregnancy, especially when underwear is often wet during pregnancy, which makes pregnant mothers feel very irritable. Even if they stay at home without going out, they are still easy to sweat.This also caused many pregnant mothers to be unwilling to go out, because it is very uncomfortable, so why is the underwear always wet after pregnancy?If this secretion occurs, it must be paid attention to.

Why is the underwear "wet" during pregnancy?If you find this secretion, it is best to attract attention

1. The reason why underwear is always tide

Pregnant mothers will increase hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy, resulting in the uterine larger, so that the organ secretion in the mother’s body will increase, so the secretion of leucorrhea is much more.The secretions do not have a particularly unpleasant taste or strange color, so the pregnant mother should not put pressure on themselves during pregnancy, and the underwear often wet wet on the fetus.

2. The underwear has dark brown secretions

After you are pregnant now, as long as you have a little abnormal body in your body, you will give yourself feedback through white, so you must pay more attention to the changes in leucorrhea. If a little abnormality occurs, you must see a doctor in time.Dark brown will get darker at the same time, which is likely to be caused by imbalances in the body in the body. Therefore, in order to ensure the baby’s health, the hospital should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to avoid bad consequences.

3. Bloody secretions on the underwear

Abortion can be said to be a nightmare for every woman, and there are many signs of abortion. One of the phenomena is the most obvious. If there is a blood -like secretion on the underwear, it is likely to be a precursor of miscarriage.Go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it is because the normal reaction of pregnancy is still a signal that will be miscarriage.

4. Onda secretions on the underwear

Be sure to ensure that your underwear is clean and comfortable when you are pregnant. Do not let yourself have vaginitis. Generally speaking, if the secretion of the discharge on the underwear is very abnormal, it feels very itchy. This is the performance of vaginitis.Go to treat, otherwise the more you will be uncomfortable, and at the same time, you will also have an adverse effect on the health of your baby when giving birth to a baby. Generally speaking, changing panties can ensure that vaginitis can stay away from yourself.

If you find that the above situation is on the underwear during pregnancy, you should see the doctor in time to avoid affecting the health of the fetus in the future.

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