Why is the pregnant mother’s navel divided into "convex and concave"?These three factors "escape" cannot be related

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers have witnessed changes in all aspects of their bodies.Looking at my belly "grow up" every day, I look forward to the faster time, and I hope the time can be slower.Women during pregnancy will always become more sensitive than ever. Even if the body changes slightly, they will be infinitely enlarged in the eyes of pregnant mothers, because at this time in their bodies, they will have the fetus.Changes will have an impact on the fetus. Maybe this is a "responsibility" that is about to become a mother.

Take the changes in the navel as an example. At different stages of the pregnant mother at different stages of pregnancy, the belly button will have "possibilities".Some pregnant mothers are "protruded" in the first three months of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers are still sunken during the third trimester.

At this time, will someone ask, will the change of the fetus in the navel be affected?In fact, whether it is a "concave umbilical" or "convex umbilical" is normal, pregnant mothers do not need to "anxiety" on this issue too much.

As for why there are different performances of the navel on different pregnant women, these three major factors are "unable to take off."

1. The influence of the pregnant mother’s body shape

A small number of pregnant mothers were originally thin and flat.As the gestational week changes, when the fetus grows slowly, it will support the belly, and naturally the navel will also be affected.Conversely, if the basic body shape of the pregnant mother is fat, there is a "swimming ring" in the abdomen. Even after the fetus grows, it is not so obvious that the belly is opened.

A certain channel reported several cases, because "fat", so that it was not even before giving birth to the most pregnant. This part of the pregnant mother was basically obese and the abdominal fat was obvious, so it was not obvious, so "fat fat, so" fat fat, so "fat fat, so" fat fat"Pregnant mothers" appear rare, most of the navels, most of them are inherent.

2. The impact of the growth of the week of pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the pregnant belly is generally "shy", and the navel has no performance.When the pregnancy weeks increase, the fetus’s development is "stretched", and some of the navels will be "raised".These are very common and normal pregnancy phenomena.

3. The influence of the abdominal state of the pregnant mother

Nowadays, most women have joined the "sports army". Before pregnancy, women who like sports are preferred. The muscle strength and skin elasticity of their abdomen are in a relatively ideal state.In contrast, the abdomen of women who lack exercise will be worse, so the changes in the belly button during pregnancy are also different.

Because both abdomen muscles and skin are ideal, the chance of being enlarged is relatively low, and there are relatively few stretch marks.For those who are not ideal in the abdomen, "convex umbilicals" and stretch marks are prone to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise appropriately during pregnancy.

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