Why is the older more difficult to get pregnant?The aging ovarian and uterus

A set of data released by the official some time ago shocked the majority of netizens, that is, the marriage rate of the post -90s after the 90s is less than 10%. The later the young people get married, it means that the time for fertility is delayed.For the elderly women, although everyone’s thoughts are getting more and more open, but there are still a few people who want Dink, after all, there are still many people who have a child in life. Let ’s talk to you very much.Essence

1. Why the older the older, the more difficult to get pregnant

Many older women will clearly find that when they are 35 years old, they want to have a second or third child or something. It is difficult to find one child.This is because as women get older, ovarian function is gradually decreasing. It is not as good as when young, ovulation function is not as good as before.The important prerequisite for pregnancy is that the healthy sperm is combined with the same healthy eggs in the uterus and bed.The decline of the elderly women’s ovarian function directly affects its ovulation function, which greatly reduces the chance of pregnancy, so everyone will find that the older the age, the more difficult to get pregnant.

With the growth of women, the ovaries and uterus are gradually aging. Although the speed of aging is not as fast as menopause, it will directly affect the probability of pregnancy.The ovarian function has gradually declined, and even the ovaries are gradually narrowing. In addition to the decreased estrogen secreted by the body, the number of follicles in the cortical layer will become less, and the follicles cannot even develop normally.After the menopausal menopause, entering the menopamental period, ovarian function has gradually declined, and the fertility function has gradually lost.

The endometrium will also change correspondingly, and the probability of various different types of hyperplasia has increased, such as cystic atrophy, simplicity atrophy, typical hyperplasia, composite hyperplasia, simple hyperplasia, etc. Some even malignant tumors will occur.Women after menopause need to pay special attention. Once vaginal bleeding occurs, it needs to be visited in time to exclude malignant tumors. If it is only the functional bleeding of the uterus, there is no need to be afraid.

2. Avoid becoming a "elderly mother"

The older the age, the "one child is difficult to find", but also increases the risk of pregnancy. There are many pregnancy complications, which is harmful to the fetus and pregnant women.Therefore, women who want their children are recommended to prepare for pregnancy before the age of 35. Corresponding examinations before preparing for pregnancy, including ovarian function tests, to see if the ovulation function of the ovary is normal.

Many diseases will affect ovarian ovulation function, such as 5%-10%of polycystic ovary syndrome among women. Many people do not know that they have this disease. Preparation and pre-pregnancy examination as soon as possible can also help timely treatment.In addition, women should pay attention to keep warm during pregnancy, pay attention to the rules of schedule, light diet, and supplement folic acid when necessary, eat less or not eat spicy, cold and irritating foods.Women maintain a good state during pregnancy.

In short, with the age of age, the function of their ovaries and uterus is in the process of gradually degenerating, and the whole state of the body is not as young as when they are young. Therefore, the better the pregnancy plan is better.

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