Why is the more salty eating, the more likely it is to get sick?

I ate too salty today. I drank several more glasses of water.

After eating salty, I always feel that every cell in the whole body is thirsty!

You feel right ~ Eat salty, your body will be affected by a series of badly.

Part 01

High -salt diet induced systemic inflammation

When the salt intake is too high, a kind of immune cells may be produced in the human body, excessive inflammatory factor, and then inflammation reactions.

01 cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

High -salt diet can cause inflammatory cells to increase, increase the level of inflammation, damage blood vessels, and easily cause stroke, myocardial hypertrophy, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, etc.

Clinically, if a high -salt diet reaches 100 mmol/24 hours, the mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will increase significantly.

02 Type Diabetes

In the formation mechanism of type 2 diabetes, there is a "inflammatory doctrine".

This theory believes that the insulin tolerance and insulin secretion defects of patients with type 2 diabetes are caused by chronic inflammation of the corresponding tissue. The inflammatory response plays a key role in the transition from obesity to type 2 diabetes.

03 kidney disease

Most of the salt intake in the diet are metabolized by the kidneys, so the high -salt diet will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney function to decrease.

04 Various tumors

Inflammation has the effect of promoting tumor growth, including providing an environment suitable for cancer cell proliferation, promoting blood vessels to meet the nutritional needs of cancer cells, and changing response to hormone and chemotherapy.At the same time, inflammation plays a decisive role in the occurrence, development, invasion and metastasis of tumors.

"Chinese Resident Diet Guide (2022)" recommends that adults take no more than 5 grams of salt per day.

In fact, it is not difficult to eat less salt a day.Do the following points in daily life to effectively control daily salt intake.

Part 02

What to do if you control salt intake

01 Use the salt spoon for a good salt spoon

The salt -limited spoon is 2 grams. Based on 5 grams of salt per person per day, a maximum of 2.5 spoons per person per person can be distributed in an appropriate amount of salt in three meals a day.

02 "Salt" with seasoning

When cooking, you can add some seasonings or delicious foods, such as shallots, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, pepper, star anise, pepper, lemon juice, etc., enhance the flavor of food without increasing sodium content.

Yeast extract is also a flavor enhancement agent. The cooking and adding a little can improve the sensitivity of people’s taste. It can also reduce sodium intake while maintaining the salty and delicious taste of food.

03 Add salt when cooking

Studies have shown that when using iodized salt to cook, the utilization rate of salt iodine is only 10%during the burst, 60%during the cooking process, 90%when it is out of the pan, and 100%when it is cold.

Temperature can affect people’s perception of salty taste. Putting the dishes slightly and then eating can enhance the salty taste. It is also a strategy of salt reduction.

04 In exchange for low -sodium salt and low sodium salt is high potassium and low sodium, healthy people can usually be eaten normally; if patients with hypertension have potassium preservation and antihypertensive drugs, refer to the doctor’s suggestion what salt should be taken;Due to daily physical consumption, heavy physical workers are consumed, sweat is excreted, and sodium ions are lost. It is not advisable to eat low sodium salt; people with renal dysfunction should not eat low sodium salt, which is easy to increase the risk of hyperkalemia.

05 alert to invisible salt

Seasoning such as soy sauce, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, and bibimbap sauce, pickles, bean curd, etc. of meals are "large salt -containing households". Some brands of soy sauce in the market contain even 50%of the salt content.

If you add the above seasonings when cooking, try not to add salt as much as possible.

There are many foods that are "invisible salt", such as biscuits, potato chips, plums, instant noodles, bread, etc. Although they are not salty, the sodium content is amazing. These foods are best to eat less or not.

Source: Life Times

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