Why is the expectant mother dizzy?

Many people have had such a situation: standing for a long time, then suddenly bowed their heads, looking down from the top, they would feel dizziness.Most people do not have much to do with this situation.However, expectant mothers are pregnant with a special population, so if you feel dizzy, you need special views.Next, let me tell you what the expectant mother is dizzy. How should we alleviate the dizziness of the expectant mother?

1. Early pregnancy reaction

After having a baby, because the embryo fluff is gradually forming, the chorionic gonad hormone in the body will increase, so expectant mothers will feel that many places are uncomfortable, such as nausea, vomiting, chest rising, sleepy, emotional, etc., and there are also part ofThe expectant mother can dizzy and lethargic.We call these early pregnancy reactions, but everyone’s system is different, so the performance is also different.

Therefore, if you are uncomfortable, you can check whether you are pregnant. If you are not pregnant, we will check whether it is other diseases.This dizzy early pregnancy reacts to me. We can rest more and transfer attention. It is easy to reduce it. The longest is the disappearance of the three months of pregnancy with the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions.

2. Specific mother hypoxia

Expectant mothers need oxygen very much. When the expectant mother is hypoxic, the baby will have intra -palace distress due to lack of oxygen, and in severe cases, they will die.The oxygen consumption during pregnancy during pregnancy increases by 10%to 20%compared with normal people, but the number of breathing times does not change much, and it does not exceed 20 times per minute.Therefore, if the surrounding oxygen is lacking, the expectant mothers will feel dizzy, breathe tired, and frequent abdomen fetal movements, that is, the baby is protesting hypoxia.

Specific mothers should not go to too crowded places, such as: KTV private rooms, cinemas, large concerts, subways, supermarkets and other air are not very circulating.Moms are best to go to the wild, air circulation, and plenty of oxygen, which is very helpful for the baby’s growth.

3. Menier syndrome

Menier’s syndrome is often signs of tinnitus, and may suddenly feel rotating dizziness, rotating or shaking towards the affected side, not standing, in severe cases, you will feel nausea, vomiting, pale complexion, all over your bodyIf you get cold, you may not be able to support fainting, but your mind will not be confused.The attack time ranges from several minutes to several days. Basically, it is up to two weeks. The symptoms will become smaller and smaller.

Some people still have a slight attack after the big hairpin, such as position dizziness or sudden fainting after changing positions. If there is such a condition, it is best to lie down on the bed for a while.If you don’t worry, go to the doctor for diagnosis, and look at the state of the fetus in the palace to avoid accidents.

4. Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia often occurs during pregnancy. Iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common hematological diseases during pregnancy. At the time of pregnancy, one -tenth of the possibility will develop.For 38%, it may be more likely to develop before it is about to produce.The reason why expectant mothers are prone to anemia is because the baby and mother are eating together.

After pregnancy, the blood volume of the blood circulation system increases, so the blood flowing to the baby will be more, and the fetal growth is carried with sufficient nutrients and oxygen.Red blood cells increase less, and the consistency of the mother’s blood will be reduced, so it is easy to occur with anemia.If you don’t pay attention to the intake of iron and supplement vitamins such as protein and folic acid, it is very bad for your baby.Therefore, if you find that you are anemia, the first thing to show is dizziness, or dizziness is caused by squatting together. This is caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain and hypoxia.

Specific mothers must remember to supplement protein foods and iron. Folic acid is also a very important element to supplement. Supplementary vitamins can help iron absorption.

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