Why is the dog fake?What are the symptoms of fake pregnancy?

Recently, many owners asked why my dog has not matched, but recently the dogs are as pregnant, and the breasts have increased significantly, and white milk is secreted.Isn’t it sick?In fact, this is because of false pregnancy, referred to as fake pregnancy, this is the dog mistakenly thought he was going to be a mother.So what should the owner deal with when this behavior appears?I will tell you about the relevant knowledge of fake pregnancy today.

One: What is fake pregnancy?

It refers to a mature bitch, whether or not they matt, have a physical change and behavioral changes similar to pregnancy.

For example, there is a tendency to breastfeed, or to build nests for cubs, but it is not produced at the due date.

Fake pregnancy is the most common among female dogs 6 to 8 weeks after estrus. At this time, it will cause this symptom due to hormones in the body.

According to the severity of the problem, the symptoms may last for more than a month.Adults and elderly mothers, dogs that have matched or uncompromising may have symptoms of fake pregnancy.

The incidence of fake pregnancy may be affected by age, variety, production, and environmental factors.

Two: What are the symptoms of fake pregnancy?

The main symptoms are breast development, swelling, and can lactation.Character changes, such as trying to set up nests, maternal enhancement, anorexia, vomiting, uneasy performance, irritability, etc.The abdomen is gradually expanding, and the stabbing abdomen can feel the growth of the uterus and the diameter thicker, but the fetal sac and the carcass cannot be touched.The degree of clinical manifestations of fake pregnancy is different, and severe symptoms may occur near childbirth.After 45 days of breeding, some bitch gradually reduced the abdomen. Once checked, it was known that it was a fake pregnancy.

In order to facilitate the read and control of readers, Xiaobian specially compiled the following ten.

First: There are behaviors to build nests and nests

Second: The vulva relaxes and becomes larger in about sixty days

Third: breast enlargement and swelling, the owner can squeeze out milk secretions gently with his hands

Fourth: Some dogs will have intermittent vomiting symptoms

Sixth: Increased abdomen, after two months, the normal posture is returned after the hormone level is reduced.

Seventh: Some dogs have loss of appetite and drowsiness.

Eighth: Care becomes careful.Especially pay special attention to protecting the abdomen

Ninth: Individual dogs will also have gastrointestinal reactions, and there are slight diarrhea.

Tenth: Some dog emotions begin to become unstable, some are very irritable, and some will be particularly docile.

Three: How to detect fake pregnancy?

It is not difficult to diagnose according to the history and clinical symptoms.

X -ray is one of the commonly used identification methods.It is mainly based on the outline (bones) of the fetus in the expansion of the uterus.However, it is required to be formed in the fetal skeletal, that is, the estrus is about 40 days.

The B ultrasound is another fast, effective and slightly damaged diagnosis method.Its main basis is also whether there is a fetus in the uterus.Once the fetal sacral body can be observed by the B -ultrasound once it is formed, the B -ultrasound can be checked early to about 20 days after the breeding.In addition, B -ultrasound can also identify symptoms such as ascites and bladder urine, uterine pus.

Four: What are the dangers of fake pregnancy?

1. If the symptoms of the dog’s fake pregnancy have not disappeared, the breasts are swollen and the juice is constantly secreted. The juice accumulates in the breast, which will have the risk of mastitis. In severe cases, it will cause breast ulcer or even necrosis.

2. If it is a false pregnancy due to pus in the uterus, dogs will always hume puzzling secretions, which will aggravate the disease and not treat them in time.

3. The symptoms of dogs are similar to many diseases, such as ascites and tumors. The owner may confuse the disease. If it does not cause attention, it will delay treatment.

Five: How to treat fake pregnancy?

In general, fake pregnancy does not require any treatment, and can be cured by itself.Generally, the clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy can subscribe by themselves at 2-3 weeks without treatment.

If the more severe clinical symptoms of fake pregnancy last more than 2-3 weeks, you should consider whether the dog has a thyroid skills.

However, before the treatment of fake pregnancy, it is necessary to fully diagnose the possibility of pregnancy, because any fake pregnancy treatment is not good for pregnancy.

In addition, if you want to treat dogs fake pregnancy and reduce the pain of dogs, you can also use the [Gong Pusqing] for beasts for treatment.

6: What should I do if I secrete milk during fake pregnancy?

1: The owner can boil the water of fried malt, drink the dog, and help the dog back to milk.

2: The owner can consciously reduce the feeding of water and food to reduce lactation.

3: First of all, it is recommended that you take the [milk disappearance] dedicated to the beast to help dogs alleviate the phenomenon of secretion of milk and prevent milk from stagnation!But you need to exclude the real pregnancy of the dog!

Don’t help hot compresses/cold compresses, because the outside world stimulates dog breasts, it is likely to aggravate milk secretion!

Dasao Dynamic Insurance reminds you of readers: Hed dogs are not a disease!

Don’t worry, the female dog fake pregnancy is not a disease, nor is it that some some pet doctors say that her endocrine disorders need sterilization, sterilization can be done, but it is definitely not because of false pregnancy.normal.

In addition: Please remember!During the fake pregnancy, do not bring the hairy children to do sterilization surgery!This is likely to cause the dog’s holiday extension!

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