Why is the depression of pregnant women?What should I do?I believe that after reading this article, you all understand

In our lives, pregnant women generally have a series of mental disorders such as depression, irritability, crying, sadness, excitement, hallucinations, or suicide.These are the significant manifestations of depression during pregnancy.

In fact, the depression during pregnancy during pregnancy often causes her sadness, loss of interest and happiness, guilt and inferiority, and often has a feeling of lack of self -worth.In severe cases, pregnant women will think of the extreme behavior of suicide.

It can be said that the depression during pregnancy during pregnancy not only has a bad impact on her mental health, but also causes harm to the normal growth of the fetus, and then affects the stable development of family and society.

Of course, the depression of pregnant women is no longer a strange phenomenon at the moment.With the rapid development of the society, pregnant women’s depression entered the home of ordinary people.

Among the various factors that cause depression in pregnant women, pregnant women have a large proportion of excessive attention to fetal health.Of course, pregnant women’s concern and anxiety about the safety issues such as childbirth and postpartum recovery and health issues also largely promote a large amount of negative emotional accumulation and overlapping.At the same time, many pregnant women lack professional psychological health knowledge, which caused their mood to fall to the bottom of the valley.

Especially in recent years, the society has undergone violent changes and transformations, the family structure has changed significantly, and the production lifestyle has also developed.The emergence of various advanced information devices is convenient for people to live, but it also brings many hidden dangers.In addition, economic pressure is increasing day by day, and people are tortured and destroyed by social iterations.These are more or less unsatisfactory, uncomfortable, and unbearable in society.Especially the existence of the external causes also has a shadow on the depression of pregnant women.I have to say that family ethics has also created a catalyst for depression in pregnant women.

In the influencing factors of pregnant women, sleep quality is more prominent.I have to admit that the quality of sleep after pregnancy is a protective factor for depression during pregnancy.If insomnia is frequent after pregnancy, the incidence of depression in pregnant women will increase accordingly.Generally speaking, pregnant women have symptoms of insomnia and even poor sleep quality, which will lead to a sharp increase in depression.From a professional perspective, the physiological factors, endocrine factors and psychological and social factors during pregnancy will affect the sleep quality of pregnant women. The physiological and psychological changes of pregnant women make it more sensitive to sleep disorders.Within scientific research, although the mechanism between sleep disorders and depression during pregnancy is unclear, the potential intermediary factors are sleep disorders.The impact of emotional regulation, decreased sleep quality will bring dual damage to pregnant women.For example: pregnant women have decreased ability to think about problems, immune dysfunction.Therefore, when pregnant women have poor sleep quality, it is more likely to cause depression.

In addition, family and family environment will also affect pregnant women with depression.Generally speaking, family population is a risk factor for depression during pregnancy.Specifically, the more family population, the more prone to depression in pregnant women.After all, the physiology and psychology of pregnant women have changed significantly after pregnancy, and a good environment is required.If you live with too many family members, especially living with your mother -in -law, it may reduce the comfort of the pregnant woman’s living environment, increase the chance of family contradictions, and cause the depression of pregnant women.We also know that house problems such as crowded housing and unreasonable relationships are more common.These problems are essentially related to the depression state of pregnant women.

In addition, the lack of pregnant women for pregnancy knowledge can also give birth to depression emotional factors.When pregnant women are confused and panicked during pregnancy, the depression is naturally produced.We can see that many pregnant women are very sensitive to pregnancy and unconsciously produce negative psychology, and then fall into depression emotional vortex.At this time, it is necessary to help pregnant women to strengthen the study and understanding of pregnancy theory at the level of knowledge, and at least grasp some common sense of pregnancy.Therefore, it is necessary to help pregnant women psychologically prepare for pregnancy -related preparations. In terms of economic level, knowledge grasp, and pregnancy guarantee during the guarantee of pregnancy, they can make response plans and auxiliary measures, thereby reducing the psychological pressure of pregnant women and effectively promoting the incidence of depression during pregnancy.

Of course, it is more common to have digestive disorders such as constipation or diarrhea in pregnant women.This is because progesterone has weakened the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women during pregnancy and slowed intestinal peristalsis, which increases functional constipation, which seriously affects the quality of life, which leads to negative depression in pregnant women.This emotion further increased the threshold of the rectum and the tension of the pelvic floor muscle group, which caused the anal rectal conflict movement during the bowel movement, and eventually formed a vicious circle.

We can conduct appropriate post -pregnancy exercises.In fact, pregnant women can significantly reduce depression symptoms at least once a week.We know that the positive impact of physical activity on depression can be explained through biological mechanisms.When the human body moves, the body temperature will rise.At the same time, the temperature of the brain will also rise.This can produce a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.In addition, after the end of the human body movement, the level of β -endorphins in the body increases, and the passage concentration of 5 -hydroxyline, tormeal adrenaline or dopamine will increase after exerciseMood.

At the same time, the company’s company is an important depression to relieve good medicine.When pregnant women have depression, the care and care of the lover can often play more results.Then, this requires the husband to consciously around the pregnant woman during the pregnancy of pregnant women, to act as a happy fruit for her lover, and help pregnant women go through this important and difficult period in life.

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