Why is polycystic ovary patients easily discontinued abortion after being urged to get pregnant

Polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to infertility. This is a point that many people know. However, for women who want children, even if such a disease is found, there is often a hope of fertility.So, can the polycystic ovary syndrome be pregnant? What is the chance of pregnancy? Let’s take a look at it.

Why are patients with polycystic ovary, and they are easy to disconteria for abortion after being urged.

What is the chance of pregnancy in polycystic ovary syndrome

Preparation experts point out that some patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have no ovulation without ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy will be relatively small.There are also some polycystic ovary syndrome that occasionally ovulate or scarce ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy is greater in this case.However, it should be noted that sometimes even if you can get pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage, with a higher probability, reaching 35%-47%, especially those who have experienced the polycystic patients who have experienced fetal stopping before should pay more attention.The probability is greater, because the patients in the patient’s body, insulin resistance, high insulin ledmia, highly promoting luteal formation secretion, endometrial damage and other factors may cause natural miscarriage or fetal stopping.Therefore, those who suffer from polycycles should not be lucky. After conditioning, you must consider conception. The fetal stop will have a different degree of impact on the patient and psychology.

Patronous patients should seek medical treatment in a timely manner during pregnancy. After pregnancy, patients with polycystic ovary, if pregnant women have abdominal pain, bleeding, vaginal fluid, headache, dizziness, visual unclear, long -term nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, short urine, urine urineLess, edema, reduced fetal movement disappear, any other discomfort, etc., should be treated and treated in a timely manner.

Although polycystic ovary syndrome has a great impact on women’s pregnancy, it can also be treated with Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation.Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome should establish confidence, do not have too much psychological burden, try to use hormones as little as possible, choose safely conditioning, and supplement them with dietary therapy. After a period of conditioning, it will be pregnant.

[Treatment method — a condition, multiple methods, flexible combinations]

In the treatment of Chinese medicine, the main contradictions such as the cause and the pathogenesis of the pathogenesis, and attach importance to the adjustment and improvement of the overall functional state. According to the overall response of the body, and the connection between the internal organs, meridians, and qi and blood, the principleAnd specific governance laws, systematically adjust and treat.

Director Xiaofang, the reproductive gynecological section, believes that each patient’s condition and needs are different, and the treatment method is different.Diversified treatment methods can not only increase the curative effect, but also facilitate patients.Such as internal wear, externally cleaning, external application, steaming bubbles, etc.Grasp the specimen according to the patient’s condition and needs, change the right of the camera, increase and subtract with the evidence, and be flexible and treated.

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