Why is ovulation bleeding?Is it a sign of infertility?

Many women who prepare for pregnancy especially value the ovulation period. This is indeed reasonable. It is possible to prepare for the ovulation period and then prepare for pregnancy, so the chance of victory in conception will increase a lot.However, now more and more mentioned the term "ovulation bleeding". In fact, many women only have heard of this term, but they do not understand, so that they cannot be discovered.I can get pregnant.

First of all, it is necessary to engage in what is clearly bleeding during ovulation. In the middle of the menstrual period, that is, ovulation period, due to the brief landing of estrogen, the endometrium loss of hormones is presented to present the local uterine endometrium, which causes regular vaginal bleeding.Called ovulation bleeding.Traditional Chinese medicine is called "inter -meridian bleeding."However, many women are difficult to have such a sharp discovery in the menstrual period. In fact, women’s ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual period.For the sake of insurance, we called the ovulation period for 10 days before the ovulation day and the ovulation day.Other time except menstrual periods are called the safe period.

In fact, bleeding during ovulation is a phenomenon that each female friend may be presented. Under normal conditions, this kind of bleeding is very small. The naked eye cannot be seen, but some people will show obvious bleeding diseases, and the serious level cannot be confused.However, in fact, the reason for the bleeding during ovulation is mainly due to mature follicular fracture ovulation, the degree of estrogen’s degree of rapid landing is obvious, and the endometrium growth cannot be maintained, and the uterine endometrium surface layer is partially broken and scattered, so that the seizures break a small amount of bleeding.

The duration of vaginal bleeding visible to the naked eye can be a few hours, or 3 days and 5 days, but it rarely reaches more than 7 days.Some bleeding volume is very small, dripping is clean, or blood is used for blood, and the menstrual flow is rarely reached in normal conditions.When bleeding, it can be accompanied by the lower abdomen and pain or pain or pain or pain, and even involves the waist skeleton and the inside of the stock.The symptoms can be continuously seizures or occur once a month. Some people have a few months each year, and some people only present this phenomenon in life.

In fact, each pregnant woman may have the condition of ovulation bleeding during ovulation. Generally speaking, the amount of bleeding is very small, and the naked eye cannot be seen.However, some people will show obvious bleeding diseases, and the serious level cannot be confused.

The reason for formation is as follows:

1. The degree of hormones is too large.The rapid landing of estrogen after ovulation has caused a little bleeding due to the loss of support for the endometrium affected by estrogen and the endometrium that shows the proliferative response.

2. Chronic inflammation of the endometrium of the uterine, which makes the endometrium congested obvious during ovulation, or when ovulation, it happens that the ovarian vascular breaks down, the bleeding increases from the normal amount and crawled with the fallopian tube to flow to the uterine cavity.

Bleeding during ovulation is due to the break of follicles, the degree of estrogen is temporarily landed, causing vascular permeability to change, and red blood cells exudate blood vessels.If the number of times is not large and the occasion is presented, it is a normal phenomenon, but if the amount of bleeding is large, the number of times will depend on the doctor.

In other words, as long as the amount of bleeding is not too large, it can still be in the same room, and because it is ovulation, it is easy to conceive.However, before the same room, it is best to let the man clean the penis to ensure the health and hygiene of the house.

Therefore, general speaking, ovulation bleeding does not affect pregnancy, but many couples may stop sexual life due to ovulation bleeding and miss the chance of conception; or that it is not normal ovulation bleeding, but certain diseases are in trouble.This may have a certain impact on pregnancy.

However, it is worth noting that you must ensure that other diseases of the reproductive system, such as menstrual disorders, cervicitis, cervical cancer and other diseases.Because of these diseases, the amount of bleeding during ovulation will be more frequently, and the attack will be more frequent, which will easily affect the sexual life of husband and wife. In this case, conception is very unfavorable and does not eliminate the possibility of infertility.

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