Why is modern women getting more and more difficult to get pregnant?"Culmid" is around, many women ignore it

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My friend is a gynecological doctor. According to her, in recent years, many women have come to see infertility.Watching them are difficult to get pregnant, in order to successfully conceive the baby and do all kinds of examinations and take medicine and injections, she is very bad in her heart.In particular, there are still many women who are pregnant but do not want to get the fetus. After that, they have to cure infertility because of too much miscarriage, making her more sad.

So why are modern women getting more and more difficult to get pregnant?In fact, the "culprit" is around us, and many women ignore it.

There are more and more electronic products in life, and life is unknowingly affected

Today, the rapid development of science and technology, our lives are becoming more and more convenient, which is due to the emergence of various electronic products.However, there are advantages and disadvantages of everything. When we are full of electronic products such as mobile phones, iPads, computers, televisions, printers, etc., our bodies are also affected.

Although these electronic products cannot directly cause infertility, they do not use these electronic products reasonably, which has caused life to be affected, affecting women’s body development and normal endocrine, and then buried hidden dangers for infertility.

According to the survey, the average daily use of mobile phones in modern women is 14.2 hours per day.There were reports from the news that there was a young girl in her twenties, because she often stayed up late to play mobile phones, causing premature ovarian aging aunts like a 50 -year -old aunt, and even a menopause phenomenon, which would definitely have a certain impact on fertility.Therefore, female friends must pay attention to the "culprit" that leads to infertility around them -electronic products, women who want to prepare for pregnancy should pay attention to the use of electronic products in life and work.And health.

Don’t pay attention to diet, consume a lot of hormone foods

In addition, modern women’s consciousness is generally very strong, most of which are professional women.Therefore, I am busy working every day. Sometimes I work too tired and work too much. I do n’t pay attention to healthy diet. I often order takeaway, eat fast food, or buy some foods outside.However, these foods are not necessarily safe and are likely to contain many hormones.

For example, some fast food restaurants go to some less formal small breeding farms to enter chicken, ducks and fish.In order to promote the growth of poultry, these small breeding venues will use growth hormones.Women often eat such foods containing hormones, which can easily cause estrogen disorders, affect the ovulation function of the ovaries, and then cause infertility.Therefore, female friends should pay attention to, and they must eat well and healthy, can eat food and cook by themselves, safe, healthy and hygienic.

Life stress, irregular work and rest cause endocrine disorders

Another thing is that the "culprit" that we cannot ignore by us, that is, the pressure of life is too great.Many women will say, how to avoid this?Nowadays, the cost of life is high. After marriage, you need to repay the mortgage, and you have to make plans to raise your children in the future. Naturally, you have to worry about a lot of things. You have to work overtime and make more money.That’s right, but I was changing health for health.

For example, staying up late and working overtime, psychological anxiety brush news, play games, watch videos, etc., staying up late becomes normal, and the work and rest are irregular. Naturally, it will cause endocrine disorders., Disclosure and other gynecological issues.As mentioned above, it may also be prematurely favored by female ovaries because of staying up late.These are easy to cause infertility.Therefore, women should relax their mentality, don’t put too much pressure on themselves, adjust their schedules, and take good pregnancy.


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