Why is leucorrhea like tofu during pregnancy?Obstetrics and gynecology experts: Unusual leucorrhea should not be ignored

There is a normal physiological phenomenon for women, and leucorrhea is an important basis for whether the women’s reproductive system is healthy.But many women have experienced abnormal leucorrhea. So, what is the role of white belt?What are the reflection of leucorrhea abnormalities?What is the reason for leucorrhea like tofu dregs during pregnancy?Let’s take a look at the leucorrhea in detail.

1. The meaning of leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a secretion of secretion of female reproductive systems. The amount of leucorrhea can reflect whether the women’s reproductive system is healthy.

The role of leucorrhea

1. Lubrication effect

Lands can play a role in lubricating the vagina and avoid friction damage.The leucorrhea can also moisturize the vaginal environment, protect the vaginal wall in the sexual life, and increase the quality of life.

Female friends should pay attention not to clean the vagina. Excessive cleaning will cause leucorrhea reduction and damage the vagina moist environment. In addition, do not use some external drugs to rinse the vagina without authorization. This will destroy the vaginal flora and affect the self -protection of the vagina.

2. Protective effect

Lands can form vaginal flora and protect women’s reproductive organs from invasion of external bacteria.

3. Ovulation signal

Near the ovulation period, leucorrhea will increase. During this period, the leucorrhea will be transparent. This phenomenon can promote the combination of sperm more likely to enter the uterus and eggs.Women who want their babies can successfully conceive according to this special signal of the leucorrhea.

4. The signal of judging good health

Lands are an important basis for judging whether women suffer from gynecological inflammation, and they can objectively reflect the health of women through leucorrhea.Normal leucorrhea is egg white or white paste, with a small amount without smell and sticky, which is called physiological leucorrhea.

Third, the cause of leucorrhea changes

1. Memorial cycle changes: The secretion and texture of leucorrhea will be affected by estrogen and progesterone levels, and the periodic changes of the secretion and texture of secretion and texture will occur during the menstrual period.The ovulation period is transparent.

2. During pregnancy: The increase in leucorrhea will occur, and the reason is also closely related to the changes in estrogen and progesterone levels.

3. Change of living habits: If the work and rest habits and diet habits have changed, there will be changes in leucorrhea. Female friends do not have to worry, these changes are temporary.

4. Changes in age: The leucorrhea presented by women of different ages is different.

The sexual life of just married is more frequent, and there are more leucorrhea.

Due to the high level of female and progesterone during pregnancy, the increase in leucorrhea is normal, so don’t worry too much.However, if the leucorrhea is brown, it may have a relationship with the fetal development and need to seek medical treatment in time; if the leucorrhea is yellow.

Women’s ovarian function in menopause weakens, estrogen levels decrease, and leucorrhea decreases.

Judging whether the leucorrhea is normal, it is observed from the four aspects of the quantity, color, quality, and taste of leucorrhea.If the leucorrhea is abnormal, such as yellow -green samples and tofu dregs like leucorrhea, female friends need to be vigilant, go to the hospital in time, conduct leucorrhea examinations, and give symptomatic treatment.

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