Why is it susceptible to rhinitis after pregnancy?The impact of rhinitis in pregnant women on the fetus

Rhinitis itself has no direct impact on the development of the fetus, and pregnant women with chronic rhinitis can be assured of this.However, in the early pregnancy, pregnant women with acute and chronic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis, such as the severe symptoms of rhinitis, especially when the nasal congestion makes the patient feel upset and irritable.Essence

Why is it easy to develop rhinitis after pregnancy?

This is because women’s nasal mucosa is more sensitive to estrogen.Under the influence of periodic changes in sex hormones, the nasal mucosa will occur similar to the periodic bleeding that is similar to the endometrium, which is compensated menstruation.After pregnancy, the level of estrogen increased, causing the nasal mucosa to surpass the sensitivity reactions, leading to the dilatation of small blood vessels, edema nasal cells, and strong glandular secretion.After childbirth, it can be relieved by itself, so it is called rhinitis during pregnancy.In fact, its pathological changes are the obstacles of blood vessels, and in addition to pregnancy, as long as there is an increase in estrogen, such as adolescence, menstrual periods, long -term contraceptives, etc., it may cause rhinitis.Rhinitis during pregnancy is also called vascular dialectic rhinitis.

The impact of rhinitis in pregnant women on the fetus

1. Pregnant women’s rhinitis affect sleep

Many pregnant women rhinitis often wake up or breathe with her mouth at night due to severe nasal congestion. As a result, her throat is uncomfortable with dry lips, which seriously affects sleep and mood.Some pregnant women have symptoms of hypoxia due to long -term nasal congestion, which can easily cause hypoxia in the palace: long -term severe nasal congestion may cause hypoxia in the fetus, which is very unfavorable to the development of the fetus, but most pregnant women need to worry aboutIn most cases, the physiological function of the human body will remind you to change the way of breathing, such as being awakened or switched to breathing with your mouth due to difficulty breathing.

2. Pregnant women rhinitis affect neurological symptoms

Rhinitis is regarded as a "minor problem" of nasal congestion by many pregnant women, but I don’t know that if rhinitis is not treated in time, many posterior troubles will be caused.If not treated in time, many posterior troubles will be caused.The nasal cavity is connected with the pharynx cavity, the nasal cavity is inflammatory, affects the pharynx cavity, can easily cause pharyngitis, can affect the throat downward, and the laryngeal inflammation will occur;Dizziness, headache, many dreams, memory loss, neurasthenia, and even long -term heat, etc., seriously affect the quality of life of pregnant mothers.

3. Pregnant women rhinitis can easily cause fetal abortion or premature birth

In the past, the fetus was often considered in the uterus. Due to the placenta barrier, the mother rarely affected the fetus when the mother was affected by the outside world.At present, many drugs and material pupa in certain foods enter the fetus through the placenta.It is generally believed that fat -soluble drugs can easily pass the placenta, while water -soluble drugs with large molecular weight are less, but the combination of drugs with protein in the mother can also affect the passage of the drug.Therefore, almost all drugs can enter the fetus through the placenta, but they only have different degrees.The fetus is under development during early pregnancy, and the organs have not yet developed well, and the functions have not yet been established or incomplete. It cannot be well decomposed and metabolized to the drugs. Therefore, it is easy to accumulate a large amount of drug poisoning in the body, and even affect the development of the organs.Some drugs such as "reaction hydrocarbons" can cause fetal deformity.

What should I do if pregnant women have rhinitis?

Pregnant women can wash their noses with saline, and it is best to use physiological saline.Salt nasal washing is the healthiest treatment.Although it is slower than the medicine, it is very effective to insist on washing the nose, and there is no side effect.But there are two key points. One is the tools and posture methods used.Usually you can do a good job of nasal cavity, and you can also reduce the chance of rhinitis recurrence.If you want to operate simple, you can use Fismore’s seawater nose to prevent and treat.

If rhinitis is not treated in a timely manner, it can also cause rhinopathic hypertrophy, nasal polyps and parathyletes, leading to dizziness, headache, dreamer, memory loss, neurasthenia, and even long -term heat, which seriously affects the quality of life of pregnant mothers.

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