Why is it recommended to have a lung examination after 40 years old?Go to the Department of Respiratory or chest surgery?One article explanation

After winter, the cough is more frequent, sometimes cold wind irritation, sometimes the air quality is not good, and always feels like there is something in my throat.I usually go to the hospital to check the body. It is nothing more than blood drawing, doing B -ultrasound, or checking liver and kidney function, but few people check the lung function.You know, the lungs are delicate and dirty, it is more vulnerable to damage than you think.

How old is your lungs this year?

I have heard of the age of smoke, but have you heard of lung age?It is the same as the skin, stomach, and bones, and it should be similar to that of its own age, but if you are not old, you may be beyond your imagination.

We often use lush trees to describe the lungs. The branches inside are blood vessels and organs. When we pay attention to maintenance, the lung age and actual age are similar, but if the lungs are damaged, the lungs will be aging.If you want to know that your lungs are old and there is no old way, it is to look at the signal given by the lungs.

For example, if you are weak, you do n’t want to eat, your mood is low, and frequently cough, you can also measure it through medical methods, that is, to do pulmonary meter inspection.

Why do you do a lung examination?


Most men have the habit of smoking, and they can be smoked a lot every day. Even if they do not enter the lungs, there will be countless harmful substances to enter the human body. Some people like to smoke after meals and take a bath. As the blood circulation speeds up, it will speed up the speedThe harmful substances are also going farther together, and the whole body will be damaged.

Because the smoke addiction and the long time of time, it is difficult to find a little change in the lungs. If you do not check the state of the lungs, it is often the middle and late stages when the diagnosis is confirmed. Therefore, for this kind of personimportant.


The wind is strong in winter, the pollutants in the air are fluttering everywhere, the haze pollution index is higher, and the winter rain is less rainy. Basically, it is snowing. It is difficult to take away the pollutants. When the weather is good, there are still many smog.People want to go out to work, go to work and go to school. Although we wear a mask, they still inhale countless harmful particles into the lungs.

If you work on the factory and live on the side of the road, there are more pollutants inhaled every day.As the haze enters the lung tissue and follows the blood vessels, the level of human inflammation and the oxidation reaction rises, it is easy to suffer from respiratory diseases, and even lung infections.

Therefore, it is necessary to check and diagnose the physical examination, and find that the lungs are damaged and treated in a timely manner, which can prevent lung disease from continuing to deteriorate.In short, it is necessary to check a lungs after the age of forty, especially if there are many haze in the cities, or usually love to smoke.

Which department should I go to the lungs?Department of Radiology?A respiratory department?Chest surgery?

If you want to take a movie to check the lungs first, you can watch the image department directly, and then take a video to see the doctor to see the doctor. The doctor in the imaging department will tell you where to go.

For example, if you find a nodule after filming, the doctor will suggest that you go to consult the respiratory department to see if the nodules are good or bad, do you use medicine?If the detection is more serious and the possibility needs to be surgery, then the doctor will also let you consult with thoracic surgery to provide you with a more professional surgical solution.

After doing the chest CT, why do you have to check the lung function?

It is clear whether the lung function can be clear or severe. It can be seen from the amount of ventilation. Friends with lung disease can also see if the disease improves or deteriorates through this examination.

Although both examinations are about the lungs, the effects are different. You can think of the CT as a slicer, cut the lungs into thin slices, and see if there is a lesion in each tissue, so for nodules, tumors, etc.The problem can be discovered at once.

However, whether these diseases affect lung function or how much they are blocked, at this time, it is necessary to judge through lung function tests.

Specific items include lung meter inspection, six -minute walking test, etc. It can be performed according to the instructions of the doctor. Generally, the patients are blowing against the machine. They do not need to worry about pain and trouble, and the results will come out soon.

You should inform your doctors’ own medication before checking, especially inhaled drugs, which can easily affect the results of the examination. You must check the medicine for a few days.Stimulated food and drinks cannot be eaten.

After forty years old, the key to maintaining the lungs is to quit smoking and exercise

Start with smoking from now on

The best time is now. First of all, you must have the determination to quit smoking. Thinking about the benefits of quitting smoking not only save money, but also make your body healthier.The second is to throw away things related to cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes.It can’t help you quit smoking, it will only make smoke addicted.Whenever the addiction is coming, use drinking water and fruit instead of smoking, so that the body has something to do, and let the brain think of something else.

It is very important to quit smoking drugs. It is a helper for many old smokers to quit smoking. You have to talk to the doctor. It is not a good man to quit your will. Drugs may make it easier for you to succeed.

Do a set of breathing exercises every day

The lung movement is very simple. First of all, take a deep breath. The nasal cavity is inhaled and vomited with the mouth, just like playing Tai Chi to control the contraction of the abdomen.Then turn his waist up and down, left and right, turn your head while breathing, and mobilize the shrinkage of the chest cavity.Immediately, put your hand on your shoulders, breathe on the shoulder joint while moving, and finally bending left and right and bending back and forth.

After the age of forty years old, except for a few people, most people have been smoking for more than ten years. The appearance does not look old, but in fact, lung age may be 60 or 70 years old. I want to know if it is damaged.Knowing that everyone must have a sense of health, don’t take inspections seriously.

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