Why is it recommended to eat more yellow skin in summer?Doctor to tell the truth: Eat more yellow skin, or it will gain 4 benefits

Introduction: Every year in Guangdong and other places at the beginning of July, there are two types of seasonal fruits that will be available at the same time, one is lychee, and the other is yellow skin.

Regarding litchi, this may be more familiar with everyone. The taste is sweet. After eating it, it will make people linger, but there is a disadvantage that it will be easy to get angry after eating.Related statements.

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As another fruit that is listed at the same time as lychee, it is not as famous as lychee, but it is loved and welcomed by people.

Perhaps for foreigners, everyone does not know much about yellow skin fruit. Most of the yellow peeling fruit appears in Liang, Guangxi, Fujian, and Hainan. Although yellow peel is a fruit, it has always been "the treasure in the fruit".The reputation of "Lingnan Jiaguo".

In the hot summer, eating more yellow skin fruits can bring a lot of benefits to the body. So why do many people recommend eating more yellow skin in summer?Take everyone today.


The nutritional value of yellow skin fruit

The yellow skin fruit is golden in appearance, and it smells a special unique aroma. It tastes sweet and sour. It can be regarded as a good fruit with a well -fragrance and has a very high nutritional value.

The yellow skin fruit not only contains rich fat, protein, and carbohydrates such as common nutrients such as carbohydrates, but also rich in vitamin, riboflavin, organic acid, volatile oil, pectin, retinol, flavonol, flavonoids and other nutrientssubstance.

In particular, it contains a variety of mineral elements, such as copper, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc, manganese element and other nutrients, so yellow skin fruit can be regarded as a high nutritional value and comprehensive comprehensive value, comprehensive and comprehensivefruit.

Therefore, to eat yellow skin fruit properly in daily life, it can provide a certain nutritional value for the body, which can not only help the healthy development of the body, but also enhance the body’s disease resistance and immune function.


Why is it recommended to eat more yellow skin in summer?

The reason why many people suggest that you eat more yellow skin in summer because yellow skin fruit has very high medicinal value.

Perhaps for the vast majority of people, everyone thinks that yellow skin fruit is a very common fruit, but in fact, yellow skin fruit has good medicinal value.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, yellow skin can be used as medicine, and the effect of using the same source of medicine and food, but not only the fruit of yellow skin can be used as medicine, but even the roots, leaves, and nucleus of yellow skin can be used as medicine.The yellow peel can be regarded as a treasure all over and down.

Regarding the relevant obligations of yellow peel fruit, there are relevant records in the "Chinese Medicine Dictionary", which shows that "yellow skin fruit is sweet, acidic, and sour. Its main effect is eliminating food, qi, and phlegm.Effectively improve problems such as food accumulation, phlegm drinking, cough, asthma, and chest pain.

So through the above records, we can see that yellow skin fruit has good effects. In addition, if you can eat yellow peel fruit properly and reasonably in the summer, we can also bring the following four benefits to the body:


Doctor to tell the truth: Eat more yellow skin, or it will gain 4 benefits


In daily life, there has always been a saying that "hungry lychee, full of yellow peeling fruit", what you eat in summer is greasy and easy to accumulate.

Therefore, yellow skin fruit is very suitable for fruit to eat after meals. In daily life, eating yellow peeling fruit appropriately and reasonably can achieve the effect of strengthening the stomach and eliminating food.

At the time of bloating, indigestion, and constipation, to eat some yellow skin fruits properly and reasonably, and chewing and swallowing together with skin and nucleus can help relieve qi and bloating.

Prevent heat stroke

Go out to play in the hot summer, or bring some yellow skin fruits when traveling. When there is a phenomenon of stuffy brains, dry mouth thirst, etc., eating a few can effectively relieve the quenching thirst.

In addition, Huangpi fruit can also help people prevent heat stroke. When there is a relevant center reaction, it can also be solved by eating yellow skin.

Phlegm and cough

The flesh of the yellow skin can effectively adjust the gas machine and converge the lung qi. In addition, it can reduce the spasm of the smooth muscle and achieve the effects of calming and phlegm.

At the same time, the flesh of the yellow skin can be relaxed well, the corresponding tension effect of the chest and abdomen muscles can make people breathe smoothly without hindering the problem. In this way, coughing can also be stopped.

Everyone can also dry the yellow skin fruit, soak it with honey and Chuanbei, and then remove the flesh, dry naturally, and make it into honey.Come tone problem.

Enhance the body’s disease resistance

The amino acid ingredients containing a variety of amino acids in a variety of amino acids can reach about 18 categories, and they can be absorbed and used by the body.

In addition, yellow skin fruit also contains a variety of force elements such as pectin, organic acid, vitamin C, selenium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium elements.

Appropriate and reasonable income can not only supplement the nutrient needs of the body, but also effectively enhance the corresponding disease resistance of the body and help enhance physical fitness.


These 5 precautions, those who love yellow skin must know earlier

1. For younger children, it is not suitable for eating too much yellow skin, because the children’s body has not yet developed and the digestive ability is not complete. It is difficult to digest a large number of yellow skin in a short time;

2. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the nature of yellow skin fruit is cold. If there is a cold constitution or the coldness of the spleen and stomach, at this time to eat yellow skin fruit, it will easily aggravate the cold physique of the body;

3. Properly and reasonable eating yellow skin fruit during pregnancy can bring benefits to the body, but you cannot eat too much, otherwise it will easily affect your physical health and fetal health;

4. The yellow peel contains a certain amount of sugar and vitamins, which can supplement the body’s nutrition and energy, but for people with high blood glucose levels, too much intake will fluctuate blood sugar levels;

5. Although the yellow skin is sweet and sour, it is not suitable for eating too much. It is best not to exceed 100 grams of daily intake, otherwise it will easily bring some health problems.


Yellow peel into dishes, appetite and digestion

The sweet and sour yellow skin can not only be eaten as a fruit, but also the food. The most common combination is meat foods, which can not only effectively highlight the delicious food of meat, but also achieve appetizing, moisturizing the lungs, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and stomach, stomach and stomach, and stomach, stomach, stomach, and stomach, and stomach.Helping digestion and other aspects of food supplementation.

When using yellow skin fruit to cook, you can first use a knife to draw a small road from the roots of the yellow skin, squeeze the nucleus, and use the flesh and peel to use it to make a good appetizer.

Recommended dishes: yellow -skinned fruit chicken soup.

Specific cooking method: Put the chicken nuggets and ginger in the pot, add water to simmer with slow heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Skim on the oil that appears on the upper layer to keep the soup, then add the flesh of the yellow skin fruit, cook it for 2 to 5 minutes.Enjoy it.


Yellow skin, do you want to eat skin?

When eating yellow fruit, it is recommended that you put the flesh, peel and fruit chew in your mouth, and swallow the juice with the juice.

Although the taste is bitter, it can achieve the effect of reducing fire and improving indigestion, and many people in the people are also used to using yellow skin to decorate water to prevent colds.

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