Why is it difficult for many women to get pregnant?Men’s reflection: Do you have done these 8 things

Nowadays, the rhythm of young people’s life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work has increased. In addition, the poor living habits in life, always staying up late, and a lot of smoking and drinking.Education, especially bad living habits, is an important factor that causes male infertility.

1. Frequent sedentary

Now there are many men who have been sitting rarely when they work. Long -term sedentary can cause the local temperature of men’s prostate and testicles to increase local temperature, causing congestion, which will affect the generation of sperm and sperm activity.As a result, sperm quality decreased and eventually caused male infertility.

2. Smoking and drinking

The nicotine contained in cigarettes will reduce the secretion of sex hormones and thus harm the sperm.The wine contains alcohol to poison the reproductive organs such as testicles, which reduces the level of serum testosterone, reduces the sexual desire of men, and sperm deformity.

3. Long -term contact with electronic products

Now our lives are inseparable from mobile phones and computers, especially smartphones. As we all know, there are certain radiation in mobile phones. Many men often put their mobile phones in their pants pockets that are easy to damage sperm, although they bring to the bodyRadiation damage is very small, but over time will make people sensitive to this radiation, which will cause dysfunction.In addition, if you have been in an ionized radiation environment for a long time and a high -temperature environment, male infertility will also be caused.

4. Regular steam sauna

The temperature of the scrotum should be 1 ° C than the normal body temperature, so as to help the growth and development of sperm. If you frequently steam the sauna, it will cause the temperature of the scrotum to increase, which will affect the production of sperm.

5. Long -term wearing tight pants

There are many men who like to wear tights. Although this is very handsome, tight -fitting pants are easy to bind the scrotum and perineum too tight. Men’s testicles are close to the body. When the temperature is close to the body temperature, it is not conducive to the production of sperm. In addition,There is a very important relationship between testicles, prostate and seminal gland and men’s fertility. When the blood circulation is not smooth, it will also affect the production of sperm. At the same time, tight pants are too tight, and the perineal permeability will be poor.The infection of the urinary system eventually led to male infertility.

6. Long -term cycling

Men’s long cycling can easily compress the scrotum, urethra, and perineum, which will cause congestion. At the same time, it will also affect the function of testicular, prostate, and epididymia. During the cycling process, bumps will fluctuate, which will directly damage the damage.The sperm function of testicles.

7. Abuse of drugs

30%of male infertility is caused by drugs. Drugs that directly affect sperm quality are mainly antibiotic substances such as erythromycin and spiralin. At the same time, some chemotherapy drugs will also cause sperm sperm.It will cause testicular atrophy and severely lack semen.

8. Unsitable sex life

Every time men ejaculate, they need 5 to 7 days to restore their fertility. If sexual life is too frequent, it will lead to too small sperm, which will cause male infertility.

Reminder: Male friends need to quit bad living habits in daily life. They can reduce sedentary time, quit smoke and alcohol, maintain an optimistic attitude, and timely reduce stress.

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