Why is it "for three years of pregnancy"?Will pregnancy really forget?

Is there really the saying "one pregnancy and silly three years"?Judging from the situation of so many pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers I have contacted, there is indeed such a situation, but the silly here does not mean that you are really stupid.

It is because the body will send more blood to the uterus and give the baby after pregnancy. At this time, the blood supply of the mother’s brain will decrease to a certain extent, resulting in a decrease in memory.Forgot where you are, it is easy to have no impression on what you have done, and the learning ability of new things has also declined …

How did the pregnant mother’s forgetfulness come from?

After women are pregnant, they will enter a patriarchal nerve excitement mode, and the excitement of the sub -sex will gather more blood to your original brain, that is, the mound brain, it is in charge of human fertility needs, the parts of basic physiological needs such as breathing and digestionAt this time, the cortical cerebral blood supply in charge of memory will be reduced, and memory will receive a certain degree of impact.

And because the cortex brain affects the blood supply of the uterus, that is to say, the blood supply to the cortex brain is reduced for a long time, and the blood supply to the uterus will be reduced.During the pregnancy, the body will automatically protect the baby as the primary task to perform intelligent allocation of blood.Therefore, when the cortical brain blood supply is naturally reduced, the brain is easier to forget.

And after pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become more sensitive, which is actually determined by subconsciousness.The subconscious is also controlled by the primitive brain. When the cortex brain decreases due to blood supply and the work ability decreases, the primitive brain will naturally rise with the help of abundant blood nutrition.Fluctuations will also become large.

So what should I avoid and prevent after pregnancy?

First of all, we must know that women’s forgetfulness during pregnancy and postpartum are temporary.

If you want to improve this situation, let pregnant mothers do more exercises that are conducive to brain thinking during pregnancy, such as the movement of coordination of the hands and eyes, or the movement of the limb coordination to mobilize the brain;

But this kind of transfer is not a kind of anxiety and nervous thinking, but an active state of favorite. For example, pregnant mothers can choose a favorite exercise.The better the improvement of forgetfulness during pregnancy.

It is also necessary to maintain adequate sleep. Sleep can classify the messy messages and classify the messy messages, and sufficient sleep has greatly improved the memory of people.

Strengthen diet nutrition, such as eating more foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and other nutrients, so that the brain can receive more blood supply and oxygen.

Maintain a good mood and reduce the pressure of life and work. The pressure will damage the memory center of the brain. If you do things, you should try to take it slowly. If the work pressure makes the pregnant mother overwhelmed, then you may take a break for a while.Mood is in a trough.

So if the pregnant mother around her or the postpartum mother has something to neglect, please forgive me. She really doesn’t want to do it, she just forgot to do it!

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