Why is in vitro ejaculation or pregnancy?

Isn’t it pregnant in the body, wouldn’t you get pregnant?of course not.The "safety period" and "in vitro exclusion" are often crowned in the name of natural contraceptives. It sounds good, but in fact, the effect can not be complimented.

Misunderstanding 1. Counting natural contraception during ovulation is safe

Truth: You must know that women’s ovulation date is affected by many factors, not as accurate as clocks, and men often have sperm into women’s vagina before the start of ejaculation.Can this method be considered safe?It is recommended to give up this method.

Misunderstanding 2. Occasionally without a condom at a time

Truth: Sometimes fate is so unfair. Some people try to want a baby may not be able to get it. Some people occasionally "encounter" may bloom at one time, so do not have any fluke, healthy sperm and eggs.Once you meet at the right time and place, it means that a new life is about to be born, and if an abnormal pregnancy occurs, it will lead to a very dangerous ectopic pregnancy and deformity newborn. It can be seen that every time it cannot be ignored!

Misunderstanding 3. Menstruation is a safe period

Truth: Many people think that women are not pregnant during the menstrual cycle. This is not scientific, and more importantly, during the menstrual period, the uterine endometrial tissue becomes necrotic, exfoliated in the endometrium dueStatus, so it is easy to cause secondary infections and bleeding to occur during excessive "affection". Therefore, due to the love and consideration of women, please avoid intercourse during this period.

Misunderstanding 4. A condom is a gap between husband and wife

Truth: The current condom is not old. They not only become comfortable, light, breathable, but even have a fragrant smell and gorgeous color.It can block many diseases infected with each other through sexual intercourse between sexes, such as AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia infections.

Misunderstanding 5. Internal confession will hurt the uterus

Truth: The intrauterine contraceptive is a long -acting contraceptive method. It is placed in the uterine cavity of a woman who has been born and has a normal menstrual cycle. It is attached to the endometrium to prevent the transport of fertilized eggs and achieve the purpose of contraception because it is often often usedIn the state of activity, as long as it is properly resettled and regularly inspected, it will not only hurt the body, but some active internal condoms in the uterus are even a certain protective effect on the endometrium.

Misunderstanding 6. contraceptives will affect the baby in the future

Truth: High -efficiency, low toxic, and reliability of short -acting contraceptives, because it is generally compound drugs containing estrogen hormones. Most of the drugs and metabolites will be excreted in the body after a few days of stop use, so at this timeThe body has returned to normal breeding ability. It is just to achieve the best physical and mental state. It is recommended that women who want their babies who want their babies according to the instructions or discontinue contraceptives in accordance with the doctor’s instructions for a period of time before choosing to get pregnant calmly.

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