Why is a woman’s pregnancy prone to anemia?How to prevent it?

Women’s pregnancy is likely to cause anemia. The simple point of view is that the nutrition is used for one person. When pregnancy, you must not only raise themselves, but also have a baby in the belly. Of course, it is easy to cause insufficient nutrition and cause anemia.

To be more detailed, women’s blood capacity increases during pregnancy. By 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, about 40-50%is increased, the average plasma increases by 1000ml, and hemoglobin increases by 450ml.The increase in plasma is greater than the increase of red blood cells, and the blood is relatively diluted.

Bone marrow during pregnancy will work very hard to produce red blood cells, but due to blood dilution, the average hemoglobin value is 110g/L (130g/L in non -pregnant women). If at this time, the bone marrow discovery the raw material (iron agent) of red blood cells is not enough, and the anemia may be even more powerful.

Anemia can cause a series of adequate prognosis, such as anemia heart disease, malnutrition of fetal fetus, and limited growth in the fetus.Therefore, we must actively prevent pregnant women’s anemia.

How to supplement iron during pregnancy?

1. Eat more animal liver, animal blood, lean meat and other foods. These are the best sources of iron.However, when choosing an animal liver, you must go to the regular supermarket to purchase inspection to avoid eating the internal organs of the diseased animals.

2. Multi -iron kitchen utensils cook and stir -fry. The iron molecules that fall off can be combined with food. After consumption, it can increase the intake and absorption rate of the rail.Reminder here again, it is an iron pot, not a non -stick pot!

3. Eat more broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi, oranges and other foods. These foods are rich in vitamin C, which can promote iron absorption.At the same time, you can add some vinegar to the expectant mother’s meals, and it can also promote the absorption rate of iron.

4. Pay attention to eating more foods containing vitamin B12 and folic acid, because the two are essential substances for synthetic hemoglobin, which can ensure the normal growth of red blood cells, and red blood cells help the iron absorption.

5. In order to meet the needs of the fetus and the current hematopoietic during pregnancy, we should start conventional iron supplements from April of pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor. The most common drugs can be capsules and can be capsules and iron sulfate.

6. During prenatal examination, each pregnant woman must check the routine, especially in the later pregnancy.

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