Why is "barley" sought after?Can pregnant women eat?

What is barley?

Indica rice, also known as Coix Seed, Coix Mi, and Coix Seed, is very popular in Southeast Asia, such as China, Japan, Vietnam.

What is the effect of eating barley?

This layer of bran in barley is a good thing, with excellent anti -inflammatory effects. Random control test shows that the population of the radiotherapy is necessary to prevent severe acute radioactive dermatitis compared to the placebo.What about the barley itself?In "Shennong Materia Medica", the coix seed is listed as the top grade."Compendium of Materia Medica" believes that it can "strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, nourish the lungs and clear the heat, and eliminate the wind and worship."The Japanese also believe that it has a nourishing effect.

What is the nutrition of barley?

From the perspective of ingredients, barley and other grains are indeed very different. The carbohydrates are only 50% -65%, and the protein content is 14% -20%.Amino acids are also complete, and essential amino acids account for more than one -third of the total amino acids.It’s just that lysine is still relatively small, so it cannot be regarded as a source of high -quality protein. It is best to eat it with foods such as soybeans, such as soybean barley soy milk and soybean barley bone soup.In the amino acids in barley, the content of winter and glutamic acid is very high, so it comes with umami flavor.

What are the special ingredients?

Generally, when we mention the health value of whole grains, we often look at the dietary fiber and some polysaccharides in it.


The polysaccharide content in barley is relatively high, about 5 grams per 100 grams. At the same time, there are many animal experiments showing antioxidant and enhanced immune equivalent effects.In addition, there is a study for mice with high blood sugar, and it is found that eating barley polysaccharides changed the diversity of flora and its composition.In addition to containing polysaccharides and common botanical compounds, barley also has some special components, and related extracts are also concerned about large medicinal value.

Special health components?

For example, coix mellow has the effect of promoting insulin secretion.Another is Coix Semethyl, which is considered to have potential in terms of anti -cancer.Including antidyl beanol and rapeseed alcohol, etc., it has the effect of regulating blood lipids.There are even some experiments that coix oil has the function of lowering blood lipids and antioxidant in rats with hyperlipidemia, which is helpful for atherosclerosis and other diseases.

unsaturated fatty acid

In the better quality, there are 5%of the fat feet (less than 1%of the general grains), 80%of which are unsaturated fatty acids, nearly 50%of oleic acid, and nearly 30%of linoleic acid.These unsaturated fatty acids also help to reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammatory response.

As ordinary food, pregnant women can also eat

In short, from the perspective of various animal experiments, barley extracts have the effects of inhibiting inflammation factor and reducing the effect of oxidation stress.But I still want to remind that the extract in animal experiments is still very different from people eating some kinds of ingredients, and more importantly, the result of clinical trials.Indeed, barley is a good food, which is worth recommending to replace fine rice white noodles.However, if there is a need for cure, you still need to follow the doctor’s advice. Do not trust the treatment of non -source folk remedies and delay treatment.In addition, some people have heard that barley hurts the fetus and pregnant women cannot eat.Although there are rats experiments showing that barley oil extracts will enhance spontaneous uterine contraction, in fact, in people, there are no clinical cases that do not cause adverse consequences due to adverse consequences of eating barley. Pregnant women do not need to be nervous.

How should I eat barley?

Coix rice is mainly starch. Compared with other grains, barley starch is not easy to α, which means that it is difficult to cook soft and thick (paste).Change back to hard state (aging).Therefore, it is generally recommended to soak the barley after being soaked and then cooked through the cooking and other methods, so that the taste will be easily accepted, such as red bean barley porridge, and the barley rib soup mentioned earlier.Soaking all night in the refrigerator, if it is not used in a high pressure cooker, it takes more than an hour to cook.

You can also use some special cooking and processing methods, such as making baking biscuits with barley powder.

Will the cooking process destroy the health care ingredients?

Due to the characteristics of barley starch, it needs to process longer than other grains.

When traditional coix seeds are made, the barley is often added to the hot pot until the surface is yellow, and it is slightly raised.

Many people worry that the health components of barley will be destroyed in these processing process.

In fact, don’t worry too much. Under normal pressure, the barley ester will only lose about 7%. Under very high temperature or high pressure, the barley ester will lose about 20%, not too much.

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