Why give birth to children?

When I saw such a question and answer, I thought about it many times!

At this moment, I touched my conscience and asked if I was an incredible gap in my parents’ generation?

The answer is yes!

For children and daughter, my mother’s generation has the concept of concept, and it is old!

Their age is very open for economic conditions!

My mother said that when she was married, there was only 3,000 gifts. Later, my dad also asked my mother’s elder brother to borrow 5,000.

bride price

Take me to do business with my mother, and listen to my mother that the train ticket at that time was one dollar!

The bread bought and steamed buns are one corner, and the meat buns are two corners, but in my hometown, the name is: Er Mao or one hair.

Following my dad out to go shopping, or the shops were all iron cocks, and the mashie was unsuccessful.

stingy person

At that time, my dad made vegetable vendors in Yangcheng and bought second -hand transportation.

The only thing earned was enough to support the family, and all the earnings rely on physical labor. At that time, the high -tech was not popular.

Like more than a hundred pounds of dishes, they are carried into the carriage by manpower, not like it is now, small machine arm.

Vegetable vendor

Later, my dad was injured. My mother became pregnant again and had to give up the job at the time.

Fold those transportation and houses, and bring my mother and mother back to my hometown again!

Soon after returning to my hometown, my sister was born. Without the source of income, my dad helped people see the wood in his hometown.

There is about 70 yuan a day. If you eat with meals, eat porridge if you have porridge!

I have a fever and a cold, and my mother will spend two hairs to buy one pack or two packs of backing heat and go back to soak the water for me!

Take a hot bath and go to bed for one night. The medicine is really spiritual.

My mother told me, eat one and a half packets without a pack, and it will be fine slowly!


My mother was studying in high school at the time. At that time, my mother was educated, and she heard her say that when she was in high school, she would go to the village to help the peasant uncle farming!

Many years ago, I remember my grandfather came from the city once and talked to Grandpa for a long time!

Because Grandpa is also the highest academic student in the village, those brushes and village couplets are from his hands.

Grandpa has many brothers, but only Grandpa is left in the village!

Those uncles have never met, there are calls from the United States, and new waves, etc.

They are all related, the incense money of Qingming, and then Grandpa was gone, and lost their connection.

Grandpa also gave birth to 5 sons and two daughters, and she was the same as Grandpa!

That is, the four uncle, who never left the village, had a lot of money and less money.

All of them are married, with children, the least one is one, the most 5.

Now all the children are also married, except for my sister, because my sister and 俺 have studied college.

The girls of the other uncle were all married, and the granddaughter’s granddaughter left only the unmarried family!


Later, my mother asked me why I didn’t want to get married with my sister?

My sister said that she didn’t want to get married just to live a lifetime.

At the same time, my sister continued to say:

"Mom, you are really happy. You see your daughter me. It is about 10,000 yuan a month. I will spend money every month. You miss your daughter marry so much. Who will spend money on you in the future?"

My mother couldn’t say my sister at all, her set of sets of sometimes said that she didn’t believe it!

younger sister

My aunt, never tell me, but say the reality in front of her, she said:

"You see your uncle next door, don’t get married for a lifetime, no wife and children, your hair is white!"

"In a few years, maybe he will be sick, maybe he can’t get up, and no one will go to see him!"

"It’s really miserable. You are still young now, and your parents are still there. Don’t run like a young girl like a little girl!"

I never stunned my mother, just silent!


I thought about:

With family and children and later

Many life or life trajectories will not be held tightly by their hands.

There are many things and choices that will no longer make me feel like they are, only to compromise with reality.

I have to admit that with children, life will change upside down!

Every day is beautiful and duplicate every day.

Repeat a street, eat the same food, repeat a cup of milk tea, and repeat the same consumption a lot of duplicate, but you feel that you are accustomed to it, so you will grow old every day!

Die alone

Because of having children, it can be repetitive. He let you care, let you worry, make you happy, make you worry, surprise you, make you sad, and make you happy at the same time.

He will let you, taste the bitterness and bitterness, and life, it will also make you feel like joy, sorrow, sadness and joy!

At the same time, you can return to your childhood again, so that you can understand the mood of your parents.

Let you have a reason to buy toys that cannot be asked for that year, so that you can be strong in pain and calm down in crisis.

Seeing them brave, curious, cramped, and uneasy, to better understand themselves, and then accept his existence.

Parents raised their children, and their children accompanied their parents.

Children and parents nourish each other, and grow up in the passing time, he let the future look forward to.

So it is meaningful and interesting to have children!

I have to say

Quality single



It is

But it is also reality!

Walk to this!

Warm reminder has opened the entire network power, thank you for understanding!

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