Why don’t you know when you are pregnant, but others can see at a glance?

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How do you know that you are pregnant?

I found that many people around me were amazing, and I could see that others were pregnant at a glance. The key is that some of them do not know.

I didn’t find anything, my husband and mother -in -law discovered that after dinner yesterday, I went to bed, and when I got up in the morning, I asked me if I got pregnant?I heard it all, but I didn’t come yet, I don’t know yet, I was really pregnant after the check.

It is estimated that many people are based on pregnancy test strips, but in fact, some people can judge whether you are pregnant as long as you look at it.Nani, do they have a golden eye?Of course not, it may be more experienced.

@: My uncle called me and said, I heard that I was pregnant, and gave me a walnut and an old hen. At that time, I did not actually, and then I measured two very shallow marks the next day.

@小: At that time, a vomiting leader asked me if I was pregnant. I said it was possible, because I was indeed preparing for pregnancy and failed last month. I did not expect to succeed in the second month. God, so fast!

@That year: It’s really it. At that time, I didn’t know for a month when I was pregnant. My aunt who was cleaning at work said that I was pregnant. I was very embarrassing at the time. I said that I was not pregnant. I always said that I was pregnant.I went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick, tested, two red lines.

Some people who come here are quite experienced, and may be at a glance at a glance at a glance whether others are pregnant at a glance. It feels so amazing.

If you are preparing for pregnancy and have these reactions in your body, congratulations, you may be pregnant!

Menstruation is the earliest and earliest sign of early pregnancy.Of course, the menstrual period may cause temporary disorders due to diet, mood, nutrition, and even sudden changes in work.However, if you have the same room with your lover recently, and the monthly period is more than 10 days, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy.If you continue to stop menstruation for more than 14 days, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination.

In addition, the average pregnancy signs are:

1. frequent urination

When many women are pregnant, they always run to the bathroom, and some are several times per hour. This is a natural phenomenon that does not need treatment.

2. Change of appetite

Some women have begun to change appetite shortly after the period of menstruation (1 to 2 weeks).I usually like what I eat, I don’t like to eat now.Some people don’t want to eat or even vomit, but not all women will have a reaction of pregnancy, some are very serious, some are mild.Some people want to eat some sour things, and most of them will disappear by themselves in about 12 weeks after pregnancy.

3. Breast discomfort

One of the signs of early pregnancy is breast sensitivity and pain. This is caused by the improvement of your hormone level. This pain is similar to your feeling before menstruation, but it is stronger.

4. mental fatigue

After pregnancy, many women will feel tired, have no strength, and want to sleep.However, this period will not be too long, and it will be able to pass soon.

5. It is more sensitive to odor

If you are just pregnant, you may not be able to stand the smell of oil fume or the smell of tea, and even those things you usually like to eat will suddenly make you feel disgusting.Caused by estrogen.

[What to eat for the fetus is good for the fetus]

First of all, the critical period of fetal nerve tube development is the 17th to 30th day in the early stages of pregnancy.At this time, if folic acid is insufficient, it may cause abnormal development of fetal nervous system.Therefore, folic acid should be supplemented from planning pregnancy to effectively prevent fetal nerve tube malformation.

In fact, most of the expectant mothers who are pregnant are mostly troubled by pregnancy reactions and have a poor appetite.At this time, you don’t have to deliberately let yourself eat more. Instead of worrying about chicken, duck, and fish every day, you might as well choose your favorite food to enhance your appetite.You don’t have to eat it for the sake of greasy and appetizing food.

Finally, sufficient zinc is important for early development of fetal organs and help prevent abortion and premature birth.Eat less meals, eat it if you can eat, and eat some sour foods may increase appetite.

I wish the sisters in the pregnancy be pregnant soon, insisting that it is victory, come on!

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