Why does the back pain during pregnancy?Which constitution is more likely to do back pain during pregnancy?

According to statistical analysis, nearly half of the pregnant mothers will have back pain, but they are often said to be neglected during the normal condition of pregnancy, and the pregnant mother can only silently bear the pain.

Why does it hurt?

The key to back pain during pregnancy is the following two reasons:

1. Increase in the load of the abdomen

After pregnancy, as the fetus grows, we can see that the stomach is getting bigger and heavy. It is necessary to talk about our normal spine. Normal lumbar spine is not completely straight. He has a physiological physiological physiological.The arc is called the front of the lumbar spine. With the growth of the baby, the load of the abdomen increases, and often the front bump will increase. This is a point.

2. The secretion of Songchi hormone

When pregnancy, the hormone in the body will change accordingly. On the one hand, the burden on the waist is worsened. On the other hand, the stable structure of soft tissue such as ligaments in the waist is relaxed, so low back pain often occurs.

If there is a lumbar disc protruding before pregnancy, in this case, as the pregnancy process may cause an aggravation of the intermediate disk, low back pain will increase, so the symptoms of back pain will occur.

Two characteristics of easy back pain

If you have the following three characteristics, it is likely to become a pregnant mother who is susceptible to back pain, so you must pay attention:

1. There was a history of back pain

There is back pain before pregnancy. The probability of back pain in pregnancy is very high, and the back pain time will be lengthened, and the pain will increase.If there is back pain during pregnancy, the next pregnancy back pain may be very large.

2. Workers or long -term postures are fixed

In the work of working, if you need to move, lift the items, bend over, or have a twisted posture, it is very easy to hurt the waist of the pregnant mother.

In addition, those who have a fixed posture at work, and those who cannot rest for a long time can also cause back pain during pregnancy.

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