Why does the ancients call a pregnant woman "pregnant with the six"?What does this "six Jia" refer to?

Breaking children, Chuanzong succession is a concept and tradition that the Chinese nation has always adhered to it since ancient times.When you go to the child, people will call them "in the six", so what does this "six Jia" refer to?Why did the ancients say such a statement?Let’s take a look at what mysteries are.

First of all, let’s talk about what is this so -called "Liuga"?The word Liujia is derived from an ancient method in ancient my country -the dry branch chronological method. This method of calculating time is still used today. There is a certain rule for the kind of matching. It has a cycle every sixty years. Therefore, in ancient times, people who were 60 years old also called the year of the flower armor. The meaning of this means.

And Liujia is also related to this. The six of these sixty types of different combinations are led by "A", namely "Jiazi, Jiayin, Jiachen, Jiawu, Jiashen, and Jiayu."Six", so from the perspective of the year law, Liujia also represents a specific time and year, and it is not special.

However, after the combination of the law of this year’s chronological law with other aspects, the ancients have derived a lot of statements. Because of this, Liujia is also given more meanings in addition to expressing the year.

In the Taoist school, the Six Jia is worthy of the gods in the gods. He guards all the creatures of all things and also guards the unborn fetus. Therefore, this statement is a polite title and the respect for pregnant women.

From here, we can also see the art of the ancients in terms of language. When people see a pregnant woman, they cannot always describe them in vulgar words. With such a respectable word, they can refer to specific people and reflect personal cultivation.Essence

There is also the six -one that represents the time of the yang. Such a special time point is the period when the yang is strong, and the men and women

Among the two gender belongs to the masculinity, the man is affirmed, so the saying has another meaning, hoping that he or the woman of the other party can give birth to a son.

After all, since ancient times, there have been social thoughts of male respect and women. The social status of men is much higher than women. Women can only choose to marry someone else’s families in the future, and naturally they will not be valued by their parents.The thought has continued for thousands of years, and it cannot be completely removed. People’s desire for getting their son is much higher than her daughter.

In addition to expressing the ancients’ thirst for men, Sixth also has the meaning of representative time. The first statement is that the Six A represents sixty days, because from the perspective of modern medical perspectiveIt takes a time process for molding, and this process happens to be more than sixty days.

The time difference is not very large, and it is still credible.

The second statement is that the six -way representation represents six months, and pregnant women will give birth in October.There will be no major changes in the lower.

Six months later, as the fetus gradually grew and finally formed, this means that a new life is about to be born. In fact, the Liuga is actually here the boundary of the fetal development.

The last one represents a beautiful blessing and expectation of the ancients for the upcoming baby. Sometimes people say that they are pregnant with six gods with six.The blessing to pregnant women hopes to have a few more children, and it is also a blessing for children to grow up healthily in the future.

Because ancient people desireed to be blessed and blessed, they hoped that the blood of the family could continue and spread the leaves and leaves. Therefore, the more children, the better, and the six -man also contained the meaning of blessing longevity.The medical level is relatively low, the medical conditions are also poor, and the survival rate of baby is not very high.

At the same time, the average life expectancy of the ancients only maintained in the age of forty or fifty years old. There are only a few that can live to sixty or even higher.Da Gui, but seeking Ping’an.

In addition, from these claims, we can also learn from the gender discrimination of the ancients for men and women. In order to pass on the seizure, people prefer boys rather than girls, so they always hope that their wives can give birth to their sons.This wish will always give birth to his wife, until a boy appears, it is enough to see that this idea has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and it can even be said to be pathogenic.

However, from a scientific perspective, both men and women have a blood relationship with family and parents and relatives. This blood relationship is not changed by gender. With the development and continuation of the generation, this blood relationship will gradually relax.And thin, the gender discrimination of men or women does not have any meaning at all, but it is just a manifestation of people’s ignorance.

Nowadays, the thoughts of heavy men and women have been abandoned by people. Boys and women are no longer affected and bound by secular, and the perception of equality between men and women since the founding of the People’s Republic of China has gradually become popular.Different and discriminating against each other, women’s status in society has also changed a lot, and will no longer be under men as before.

And more importantly, women’s rights have been restored. They can not only engage in their favorite industries, but also participate in politics. With their own ability, they make more contributions to the motherland and the people.Bar!

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