Why does sweet potato nutrition and large output, but can’t become the main food?The truth subverts your cognition!

Introduction: Sweet potato was once "life -saving food". The yield per mu is as high as 6,000 catties. Why can’t it be the main food?

Sweet potato is also called "sweet potato", which is a kind of food crop.In the late Ming and Qing dynasties, Li Yi was introduced to China, and now it has been planted all over the country!Speaking of sweet potatoes, everyone should be familiar with it!Sweet potatoes are sweet and soft, smelling, and is loved by people!Especially the sweet taste of roasted sweet potatoes on the streets in winter, people can’t help but drool!In addition to roasted sweet potatoes, dried sweet potatoes and sweet potato noodles are also particularly popular!

Sweet potatoes are not only nutritious, but also the nutrition it contains is particularly comprehensive!Sweet potatoes are rich in minerals such as protein, calcium and phosphorus iron, vitamin A, B, C, E and a variety of amino acids.In daily diet, eating sweet potatoes is much better for physical!It can enhance immunity, delay aging, reduce fat accumulation in blood vessels, maintain blood vessel elasticity, and prevent constipation.Li Shizhen once listed sweet potatoes as "longevity food".

The output of sweet potatoes is particularly high, and one acre can reach 78,000 kg.Listening to Grandpa said that when they were young, they were lacking in food, so they took sweet potatoes as rice.In the famine era, sweet potatoes were the "life -saving food" of ordinary people.So, the problem is!Since sweet potatoes are grain crops, they are rich in nutrition and high yield. Why not be like wheat, rice, corn and other grain crops as the main grain?Below, let’s take a look at the reason why sweet potatoes cannot be the main grain!

1. Sweet potatoes are not resistant to storage

Sweet potato water is large, and it will be broken for a month or two at normal temperature. Even if it is placed in a cold wind tank or cellar, it is good to eat April the next year.Unlike corn, wheat, and rice, it will be dried and put into the granary, and it will not be broken for a year or two.It has been stored for a long time, and it is okay for two or three years.

Second, it is easy to stomach acid after eating

Although sweet potatoes are delicious and nutritious, many people can’t eat sweet potatoes.Because sweet potatoes contain a large amount of starch, it will not digest after eating, secrete a large amount of gastric acid, and may occur after refluxing to the esophagus.In addition, the content of protein and starch in sweet potatoes is very high. After too much consumption, it can cause indigestion, cause burden on the stomach, and symptoms such as abdominal distension.

Third, not tolerate hunger

When we ate sweet potatoes, whether it was steamed or grilled. After a large piece of belly, although the fullness was very full, the sweet potato sugar was relatively slow, and we were hungry when we could not eat.So the old man often says: "Sweet potatoes are delicious and are not hungry."

Fourth, sufficient food

During the period of lack of grain, sweet potatoes were indeed the main grain, but later, the output of crops such as corn, wheat, rice, etc. After meeting people’s needs, sweet potatoes did not need to be hungry as food.It is more as a non -staple food on people’s table.

Recommended method: homemade sweet potato and coffee

1. Take 10 shapes of sweet potatoes with well-sizes, clean it in the steamer, steam the high heat for 25-30 minutes. After a little cooling, remove the sweet potato skin, then cut the growth strip, put it on the hollowed shelf, put it on the hollowed out, put it on the hollowed out, put it on the cutout, put it, put it on the cutout, put it, put it.When you go to the balcony or yard, dry it for 3-4 days, and turn it over a few more times in the middle.

2. Take the dry sweet potato home, put it in the steamer again, boil the water pot, steam the low heat for 30 minutes, remove it, put it on the hollowed shelf, and dry it naturally for 2 days.

3. After drying, put the sweet potatoes into the steamer again, or boil the water pot, steam on low heat for 20 minutes, then take it out, and dry for 1 day.Intersection

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