Why does abdominal pain occur after pregnancy?There are 3 reasons, please check in time

Abdominal pain will inevitably occur during pregnancy. Some abdominal pain is caused by contraction or fetal movement, and some are signals emitted from the disease, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs should be bed in the uterine cavity. If you bed outside the uterine cavity, this is called ectopic pregnancy.Especially the fertilized eggs are bed in the fallopian tube. Generally, after a long period of time from 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, irregular vaginal bleeding has occurred, the amount of blood is relatively small, showing a drip -shaped, dark brown or dark red.There will be pain or pain in the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman. The severe patients with severe patients with severe patients will suddenly occur in the pain of tearing or knife -like, and at the same time accompanied by anal swelling.When bleeding, it will be accompanied by nausea and vomiting and full abdomen pain.Generally, abdominal pain occurs before vaginal bleeding, because of the large amount of bleeding, so that patients with shock symptoms, such as cold limbs, pale face, decreased blood pressure, and fast pulse beating.

2. Abortion

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus weighs less than 500 kg and terminate pregnancy, which is abortion.Early abortion patients with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.Patients at first will have paroxysmal uterine contraction, and the vaginal bleeding is severe after discharge the fetus and placenta.If there is a threatened abortion, a small amount of vaginal bleeding will occur after menstruation stops, showing dark red or bloody leucorrhea, and there is no embryonic substance.After a few hours or days of abortion, slight lower abdomen pain or pain at the bottom of the waist will occur. After the patient is resting and treating, the symptoms will disappear.

3. Extraction or normal fetal movement

After pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase, and the uterine round ligaments will also be pulled. Generally, dull pain or pain will occur in the lower abdomen of about three to five months of pregnancy. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. There is no need to do special treatment.It can be relieved by the sleeping posture on the left.In addition, fetal movements are generally occurred in about 28 weeks of pregnancy, which is the signs of the fetus in the uterus.Generally, rhythmic contractions occur before giving birth. Each contraction is from weak to strong and lasts about 40 seconds. Patients will have irregular abdominal pain.Just rest.

Kind tips

During pregnancy, it is possible to be vigilant when abdominal pain, which may be a factor in physiological or pathological.If it is caused by pathological factors, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.After delivery, go to the hospital in strict accordance with the rules of the doctor’s instructions.

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