Why do you need to pay attention to the anus itching?

It is already a spring season. Many people know that there is a child at home and should take insecticide medicine. Otherwise, the child may have bugs and itching!

No, a recent friend came to the shop and said that her child always had itchy buttocks and asked him where itching, and the child was always squeak and couldn’t say clearly, that was the place where he pulled.Then the mother was washed his ass every day and paid more attention to personal hygiene, but the child was still itchy.She doubted whether it was other problems, so she went to the hospital for examination before she knew

Nothing, take some medicine and apply some ointment.

Now not only the children have this situation, but adults will also happen, and they always feel itching of the liver. What is the reason?

First: Skin fungi and virus infections around the anus are more common in infections.

In general, individuals will scratch their butt when itching is unbearable. It may be found that the skin is abnormal. If this happens, you need to treat it in time to prevent the disease from worsening.

Second: There may be parasites, which are usually caused by poor diet.

Similar to barbecue on the roadside, it is likely to cause anal itching. These parasites are hidden in the body, which will not only cause harm to the health of the body, but also cause itching of the anus.

Third: It may be caused by tapeworm disease. This kind of tapeworm disease usually appears on children, but this can be transmitted to adults through contact between people.

Fourth: After pulling, it did not wipe it clean, residual bacteria and dirt. These bacteria are likely to cause itching anal after a long residual time.

Fifth: The diet is too spicy, and the spicy food can also cause itching of the anus.

Many people like to eat spicy food, but what they do not know is that eating spicy food is not only not conducive to physical health, but also causes itching in the anus. In severe cases, it may cause hemorrhoids.

Sixth: Terrace,

Note: The tapeworms will not only be in the body, but also may appear around the anus, which will stimulate the skin around the anus. This situation will cause itching of the anus.

If you scratch the anus at this time, it may cause further infection.

Therefore, itching of the anus is likely to represent the health of the body. In daily life, if the anal itching is useless, it is useless to check it.

So, what should I pay attention to in daily life?

1. Clean diet, avoid spicy.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid infection, especially perianal hygiene.

3. A fungal, virus infection, and timely medication.

4, tapeworms, tapeworms, parasites, etc., take medicine in time, commonly used medicines, light, pagoda sugar, etc.

Note that you can avoid itching in the anus!

Pay attention to physical health and the safety of medication. I am a Huang Yaoshi. If you are interested, you can add attention or leave a message below!

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