Why do you look at your teeth?What to do during pregnancy?Can I cure teeth during breastfeeding?

Not long ago

This happened

Post -90s pregnant women, wisdom tooth inflammation causes abortion!

The expectant mother Xiaoxu became pregnant in January.From late January, her wisdom teeth were unbearable, and she began to have a fever, and her right face was swollen.

Considering the baby in the stomach, Xiao Xu has never taken medicine.However, when she burned for three consecutive days, she suddenly appeared bleeding from her lower body. When she rushed to the hospital to check it, she found that her baby had been aborted.

According to the doctor’s speculation, this abortion has a lot to do with wisdom tooth inflammation and high fever.

"I knew that tooth inflammation would cause miscarriage, and I did oral examination before pregnancy." Xiao Xu felt regretful afterwards.

For 80 90

Preparation and pregnancy are more followed by scientific inspection and conditioning

But to complete the whole body inspection and conditioning

Still a minority

Never thought about

Tooth health and pregnancy can still be related

As soon as you don’t pay attention, it will cause

Abortion, premature birth, low -body re -born, etc.


Today, Lu Bo will talk to you about it

From pregnancy, pregnancy to breastfeeding

A whole set of processes

"Book of Oral Conditioning During the Pregnancy"

"Why do you want to get pregnant?"

"What are the projects for teeth?"

"What should I do if I have oral diseases during pregnancy and breastfeeding."

Why do you want to prepare for a dentist?

We all know that mothers will have many physiological changes during pregnancy, such as: resistance decreases, more prone to cold, etc., which increases the number of oral diseases of pregnant moms.The fetus will have a certain impact, and at the same time, it will also make the muman emotional unstable.

Studies have shown that women who have gingivitis or periodontitis before pregnancy will be more serious after pregnancy. The gums will have hyperplasia, swelling, and significant bleeding, and severe ones will hinder eating.If it is a moderate and severe periodontitis, the opportunity for pregnant women to have premature babies and low -weight children will increase greatly.

What are the items for dental examination?

Dental examinations before pregnancy mainly include inspections of periodontal disease, dental caries, crowning inflammation, residual roots, and crown crowns.After the examination, the teeth should be cleaned according to the results of the inspection to remove harmful substances such as stones, plaque and pigments.Timely treatment of lesions, soothing teeth, nourishing teeth and other targeted treatment.

If you are pregnant, but you don’t have a oral examination before pregnancy, then you must look down.

In the early stages of pregnancy (1 to 3 months)

At this time, it is the period when the important organs of the fetus (hand, feet, cerebral spinal cord nervous system, and teeth). During this period of pregnant mummy, watching teeth will bring some inconvenience or exacerbate pregnancy reactions due to stimulation.Taking improper drugs or receiving large doses of radiation may cause the formation of abortion or malformations, and should be avoided.

In the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months)

It is a period when pregnant mothers are relatively safe and suitable for oral diseases.You can do a more complicated treatment such as pulp therapy, or you can extraction (be careful) as appropriate. Under proper protection (leading clothing), you can shoot X -rays.

Late pregnancy (7-9 months)

On the one hand, the fetus is large, and the pregnant mother’s belly will feel uncomfortable in treatment on the tooth chair.On the other hand, the stimulus when treating teeth is also easy to cause premature delivery of some pregnant moms. Therefore, it is best to avoid treating dental disease during this period.Urgent treatment if necessary.

Breastfeeding period

There is no special restrictions on the treatment of teeth during breastfeeding. Various treatment can be performed, including pulp therapy, repair, orthodontics, Zhou Jie treatment, and even tooth extraction.Drugs can enter the milk and be absorbed by the baby, except for non -breast milk).

In short, oral diseases that occur during pregnancy, especially in emergency conditions such as pain and bleeding. It is recommended that you have no problem with the fetal examination during the birth check. Do not because of the special physiological state of pregnancyPregnant women’s health, and because of toothache, pregnant women cannot eat and rest well, the body produces some emergency response factors, causing the fetus to be affected.

Worry about pregnant mothers

Remember to compare the schedule listed above

Plan your own teeth plan ~

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