Why do you have symptoms of back pain when you are pregnant?

We know that low back pain in pregnant women is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. Light, back pain, and severe cases even accompanied by symptoms such as leg cramps and sciatica.This has something to do with hormone changes in the body during pregnancy and is a normal physiological reaction. If pregnant women usually lack exercise, it is more likely to cause back pain.In addition, the symptoms of low back pain in the early pregnancy, second trimester and late pregnancy are also different.

The specific reasons are roughly divided into the following:

1. Hormone changes in the body during pregnancy.

Change hormone changes in the body after pregnancy can cause many pregnancy reactions in pregnant women, and back pain is one of them.After pregnancy, hormone changes in the body to relax the pelvic ligament to meet the growth of the fetus and the needs of future delivery. In this way, the lumbar ligament and fascia will also relax, reduce elasticity, and cause lumbar pain.

2. Placenta and amniotic fluid increase, and the lumbar spine load is too large.

This is the main cause of low back pain in pregnant women. After pregnancy, the fetus and affiliated placenta, amniotic fluid, etc. increased day by day, increasing the burden on the front of the lumbar spine.In order to maintain a balance, the back muscles must be contracted vigorously when the pregnant woman stands, so that the pelvis is leaning forward, forming a unique backbone posture, the lumbar back muscles continue to shrink, and the rest cannot be relaxed.

3. Decreased exercise.

After pregnancy, the amount of exercise of pregnant women is greatly reduced. Some pregnant women even lie down for a long time. Insufficient exercise will also cause the basic physical strength of the people to reduce their background, which will cause back pain in pregnant women.

4. Insufficient calcium supplement.

During pregnancy, fetal development requires a large amount of calcium and other nutrients. If these nutrients are insufficient, it is easy to cause the softening of the spine of the pregnant woman to soften calcium and decreased, which will also cause low back pain.

The symptoms are also different according to the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy:

1. Early pregnancy

Back pain at this stage will not be particularly serious, the pain is relatively mild, mostly back pain.Back pain during this period is often caused by the back of the uterus, compressing the rectum and ligament, and pregnant women do not have to be nervous.However, if the waist pain is severe enough to affect activities or radiate to other parts, you should go to the hospital for examination to find the cause and treat it in time.

2. In the middle and late pregnancy

During this time, the back pain of pregnant women is due to the increasing uterus, and the center of gravity of the body gradually moves forward. In order to maintain the center of gravity, when standing or walking, the shoulder and head of the pregnant woman will lean backwards to form a kind of unique to pregnant women’s unique stiffness.Chest trivation and belly attitude.This attitude is easy to cause excessive convexness of the chest spine, the back extension muscles continue to be tight, causing over -fatigue on the waist and back, and it is easy to have back pain.Reduce.

Back pain in pregnant women is a normal physiological phenomenon. You need to pay attention to rest and avoid long standing or walking. At the same time, you should pay attention to the correct sitting position and the balance of diet.Generally, the pain will gradually disappear through the backblag muscle exercise.

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