Why do you have anemia after pregnancy?

There are still many people who find anemia after pregnancy.Specifically divided into the following two:

The first person is because of this or that before pregnancy. It is anemia for merging, but he does not know.Anemia was found through prenatal examination after pregnancy.This kind of situation is relatively common.

The second case is only anemia after pregnancy.The main reason is that during the growth and development of the fetus, it is necessary to synthesize its own hemoglobin, which requires a lot of iron.All the nutrition of the fetus comes from the mother.Even in the condition of anemia, the mother will first supply the iron in the body to the fetus to give priority to the fetal needs.If the iron stored in the mother’s body is insufficient, then the mother will be "anemia" (blood cells destroying iron, etc.) by strengthening metabolism, and it will not allow fetal anemia to provide fetal iron.Therefore, once a mother anemia is found during pregnancy, it can basically be judged as iron deficiency.

Of course, if pregnant women are partial, they can also lack folic acid and vitamin B12 in food, leading to anemia.This situation is relatively rare in pregnancy, but it is not impossible.

After the pregnant mother is anemia, be sure to supplement the iron.Many people like "food supplements", in fact, this is not a good suggestion.Although food contains iron, the iron content of various foods is very different.If you blindly emphasize food supplement, it is likely to cause excess nutrients in the body and lead to imbalance in nutrition.Too much intake of fat and carbohydrates (sugar) may also lead to too fast weight, obesity, and huge children, and it is also easy to combine gestational diabetes and hypertension, leading to a series of complications.

The easiest way for pregnant women to supplement iron is oral iron.There are many iron on the market, but almost all iron agents have a certain irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, when choosing an iron, it is best to choose a less irritating iron.I generally like to recommend amber sarcasic iron. The irritation of this medicine is relatively small, suitable for most population, but the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive.Of course, if you do n’t feel uncomfortable to eat sulfate, you can buy some sulfate sulfate, after all, this medicine is very cheap.

When taking iron, it is best not to take other drugs, and do not drink strong tea and coffee to avoid affecting the absorption of iron.

In the process of pregnancy, it is advocated to take composite vitamins from the middle of pregnancy.Generally, the composite vitamins taken by pregnant women contain folic acid and vitamin B12, which can basically meet the needs of synthetic hemoglobin.

As for pregnant women in the high -incidence area of Mediterranean, whether to supplement the iron depends on whether they have merged the poverty and whether the iron deficiency is.

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