Why do you have a miscarriage as soon as you are pregnant?There may be 8 reasons behind it, so you may understand

"I finally got pregnant, but I had abortion again." What a big blow for women.Many women are like birds who are frightened after pregnancy. They are afraid that the situation of the fetus in the palace during pregnancy, but no matter how careful it is, they can’t keep the fetus. What is going on?

What are the reasons for recurrent abortion?

1. Fetal baby chromosomal abnormalities

Most abortion is caused by abnormal fetal chromosome, which is closely related to the age of her mother, especially women over 35 years old, and the quality of eggs decreases.Pregnant mothers are young, but the baby is abnormal due to abnormal chromosomes. The husband and wife should go to the hospital to check the chromosomes together.

2. Virus infection

Early abortion is closely related to virus infection. The most common is syphilis, cytomegal virus and measles, so the virus infection should be thoroughly treated in the first three months of pregnancy.

3. Immune system abnormalities

Anticin antibody syndrome is susceptible to led blood suppository in blood vessels and increases abortion risk.Such patients are treated with aspirin or heparin. Although the risk of thrombosis can be reduced, the prevention effect cannot reach 100%.

4. Uterine adhesion

Due to endometrial factors, the placental development is affected normally, thereby increasing abortion risk.When undergoing uterine surgery, such as endometrial polyps, resection of uterine fibroids, and artificial abortion, it will cause damage to the base layer of the endometrium, which will lead to adhesion of the uterine cavity.

5. Too obese

The weight index of more than 30 will be judged as obesity. The greater the weight index, the higher the risk of abortion. The pregnancy complications are susceptible to pregnancy after pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes or hypertension.

6. The uterus is hit

The pelvic cavity protects the uterus, and normal jumping, running and exercise will not damage the uterus.If the abdomen, especially the uterus, is suddenly impacted by external forces, it is easy to cause the placenta to peel and cause abortion.

7. Endocrine system disease

Due to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc., it will increase the risk of abortion.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, too high glycated blood pigmentation can easily cause fetal development abnormalities.

8. Insufficient cervical atresia

Due to placental hemorrhage, endometritis, or excessive extension of the uterus, the cervical length is shortened, which leads to abortion.

9. Too much pressure

Being too much pressure can stimulate cortisol secretion, reduce resistance, easily cause infection, thereby increasing the risk of abortion.

Kind tips

In addition, pregnant women still stay up late or sleep insufficient, overworked, exposed to high pollution environments, and often contact heavy metals, which will cause cell mutation or death, which will cause abortion.If there is one or two abortion, the couple should seek medical treatment together and find the cause for targeted treatment.At the same time, the best age group should be grasped, and women are best to get pregnant before the age of 35.

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