Why do you always like to fart after pregnancy?Pregnant women do 5 things well, as long as happiness is not embarrassing

For women, pregnancy is the main reason for changes in the body.Some people will encounter pregnancy vomiting and some people will have a great taste. Do you know?There is also a difference in pregnancy reactions after pregnancy.

Today, we will have a change that many pregnant women will encounter, and they love farting more after pregnancy.

Why is it easier to fart after pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, in order to maintain the healthy development of the fetus, the progesterone hormones in women will greatly increase, but this hormone can cause intestinal motility to become slow.Slowly intestinal peristalsis, the residue of food will accumulate in the intestine for a long time, spoiling, producing more gases.This makes women easier to fart.

2. Pregnant women are constantly growing in the later period, and the uterus begins to squeeze the position of the surrounding organs. Originally, the intestine was nutritious by lutein, accumulated a lot of gases, and the expanded uterus gave the intestine too much pressure.

3. The effect of fetal movement.By the time of the third trimester, the fetus moved in the mother’s body, and the stimulation of the intestine made the mother often unable to control it, like farting.

Is there any way to relieve the trouble of farting pregnant women?

If pregnant women want to relieve the problem of liberating farts, they must first relieve the symptoms of constipation. This can reduce the amount of gas accumulated in the large intestine and reduce the frequency of farting.

1. First of all, eat more foods with rich dietary fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, improve digestion, reduce the stay time of food residues in the intestine, and reduce the generation of gas.

2. Make hydration in time.Drinking a glass of water every morning can activate gastrointestinal function and greatly solve the problem of constipation.If you are inconvenient, there will be less fart.

3. Pay attention to diet.Eat less foods and drinks that are prone to bloating and produce gas.Pregnant women should eat less high -heat, high oil, high -fat foods and carbonated drinks. These foods will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, increase the time of food in the intestine, and increase the possibility of constipation and farting.

4. Reduce the intake of caffeine and sugary drinks.

5. Appropriate aerobic exercise

Exercise can accelerate blood circulation, comprehensively improve cardiopulmonary function and digestion capabilities, which are very effective for alleviating and preventing constipation and farting.

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