Why do you always "wake up naturally" at 3 or 4 in the morning?Traditional Chinese Medicine Reminder: It turns out that these two are blocked

"It was only three or four in the morning, but I woke up inexplicably; and after waking up, I couldn’t sleep for a long time." Many people had such experience.Many people know that time is not good for their health, but some people think that this problem is not a matter, and there is no need to go to the hospital for examination.Today, let’s tell you about the harm of the body naturally in the middle of the night!

Four standards for high -quality sleep, see how many you have?

1. Sleep time: 7-9 hours of sleep daily, and the sleeping time does not exceed 30 minutes.

2. Sleep quality: sleep well, wake up early, and be energetic after waking up.

3. Sleep duration for a long time: go to bed early and get up early every day to maintain good living habits; sufficient sleep time (7-9 hours per night).

4. The spirit of the next day: The next day, we can maintain a good work and study state.

If you are in line with these standards, congratulations, your sleep quality may be good.

What are the dangers of insomnia?Reminder: Long -term insomnia, body organs are also affected

1. hair loss

If you often suffer from insomnia, the body organs will not get rest, which will cause blood circulation in the body to be affected. The hair follicle cells cannot get nutrients and cannot grow and fall off normally.

In this case, hair loss will become more and more serious.At the same time, it will affect the function of the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to degenerate and cause hair loss.

If long -term insomnia will cause great harm to health, which will cause the growth rate of scalp cells to grow slowly and affect the cycle of hair.

Long -term insomnia can also lead to endocrine disorders and decreased immunity, and in severe cases, some other diseases can be induced.

2. Decrease in immunity: easy to catch a cold

Long -term insomnia can lead to a decline in human immunity, which causes a variety of diseases, such as colds and allergies.

3. Accelerate aging: aging is faster

Long -term insomnia will accelerate physical aging.According to research, if a person has poor sleep quality, his immunity will be reduced.

At the same time, it will also affect the metabolism in the body, causing too much garbage in the body to be discharged from the body in time, thereby accelerating aging.So if you want to delay the aging of the human body, you must have a good quality of sleep.

4. Accelerate aging: easy to die early

Due to lack of long -term sleep, it can cause endocrine disorders of the body, accelerate aging of the human body, and easily die early.

5. Decrease memory: poor spirit

Long -term insomnia will lead to a decrease in human memory and the mental deficiency of the brain.Not only that, insomnia can also make the brain unable to focus on concentration, and the mental state becomes worse.

In addition, insomnia can also cause the human body to decrease, and symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and limb weakness.

Why do people always wake up inexplicably?Traditional Chinese Medicine Reminder: It may be related to the two organs of the body

1. Wake up at 1-3 in the morning, the liver is blocked

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that from 1 am to 3 am, the liver meridian is an order, and the liver is a place where blood is stored. After one day, you can lie on the liver when you lie on the bed at night. The liver needs to rest well.If liver fire, qi stagnation, etc. cause liver qi and the meridians, so they often wake up.

The liver is not through. In addition to waking up in the early morning, you may also be accompanied by these performances:

1. Hair: hair oil is large, hair falls off, hair falls off, and two spots are pale; 2. Eyes: dry eyes, tears in love, and particularly many eyes; 3. Facial: skin yellow, easy to produce oil, pigment spots;: Dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath; 5. Hand: Hand red, vertical nails, easy to break; 6. Emotion: Emotional depression, anxiety, irritability, and temper;Freshly fart; 8. Dagua: dry stool, yellow urination;

2. Wake up at 3-5 in the morning, the lungs are blocked

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that between 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock in the morning, the lung function is the most active. The lungs are "delicate organs". They are located at the top of the five internal organs. They are the most vulnerable parts of external evils.

In addition to insomnia, people with lung menstruation also have the following seven symptoms: brown hair, dry eyebrows and sparse eyebrows; 2. rhinitis, nasal congestion, red nose, love sweat;Blood color; 4. Hand: fingers swelling, nails darkened, and thickened palms; 5. chest: chest tightness and shortness, cough, pharyngitis; 6, stool: unfavorable urination, constipation; 7, snoring, night of night, cough at night intensify

Three in the middle of the night always "awakened naturally"?Traditional Chinese medicine reminder: a dietary, and you will be a "baby sleep"

The treatment of insomnia in Chinese and Western medicine is also different. General Sleepler drugs in Western Medicine come to the clinic to promote sleeping effects through drugs to allow people to fall asleep and relieve symptoms. HoweverMeans to make popularity and blood, coordinate the five internal organs, and improve sleep.

There are many ancient recipes for the conditioning of insomnia. Among them, the most circulating is Zhang Zhongjing’s "Golden Essentials" recorded: "I don’t have to sleep, I can’t sleep, and the jujube soup is the main."

Take the jujube kernels as the king medicine, supplemented by a variety of ingredients such as mulberry, lily, yellow essence, and Poria, and other ingredients. The scientific ratio is used to form a tea bag, brewed a bag per day, drink 3 or 4 cups, An An, An An, An AnThe five internal organs are moisturizing, and you are a baby sleep.

Source: healthy new food generation

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