Why do women have menstruation?What did it go through the body?After reading the rising knowledge

Why do women have menstruation?

Most mammals do not have menstruation, and only a few of the primates including humans will be available, and our ancestors, when the living environment was very primitive at the time, the bloody energy brought by menstruation was easy to be easyAttract the surrounding "predators".So why do human evolution for thousands of years and retain the "trouble" characteristics of menstruation?What did it experience in women?

First of all, let’s talk about why women have menstruation.

Some people have made a more reasonable explanation. He believes that menstruation is a choice weapon for women in the evolution of maternal fetuses.

Because the fetus will begin to absorb the energy of the mother crazy during development, and even hurt the mother’s body. If the fetus dies during the development process, the mother will make a choice quickly to let the endometrium fall off and protect the mother’s uterus to welcome the next place.The most effective way of pregnancy.

What are the menstrual menstruation experience in women?

For the first time, women’s menstruation is around 10 to 15 years old. After entering the menopause, menstruation will also stop, generally between 45 and 55 years old.

I believe that many people think that the menstrual period is only a few days of bleeding. In fact, your body has been circulating. Generally, it is 28 days for a menstrual cycle. One cycle will go through four stages, namely the follicle period, ovulation period, period of luteal, and period, andMenstruation.

On the first day of entering the menstrual cycle, the pituitary gland will release follicles, and the follicles will grow quickly, and estrogen will continue to secrete, making you energetic, feeling full of strength.

On the twelfth day of the follicle period, your estrogen will reach its peak. At this time, your skin and state are the best time, and the uterus is prepared for pregnancy.

Then, we enter the next cycle, ovulation period.

At this stage, the eggs will be escorted to the position of the uterine cavity. Waiting for the arrival of sperm, this stage is also a critical period to increase the chance of conception.

Then we came to the luteal period.

The eggs are released from the follicles, and the emotions of women at this time will also be affected, become extremely unstable, the skin becomes worse, and it is easy to grow acne.The eggs did not wait for the sperm, so menstruation came.At this time, some women will also usher in dysmenorrhea.

Although women need to experience some pain when menstruation comes, there are many benefits in addition. The most important point is that it can be discharged from the body through menstruation. At the same time, this can also avoid excessive growth of endometrium growth, Thus a similar cancerous situation.

In general, women’s menstruation, just like evolution, existence has a certain reason. How should the ancient people come to menstruation?

According to the investigation of related anthropology, primitives were afraid of menstruation at first, because they could not explain this at the time, bleeding but immortal physiological phenomena.

Therefore, in their opinion, menstruation is a symbol of ominous, and women who come to menstruation will be closed until the end of menstruation.

At that time, women had no relevant knowledge reserves. Generally, they used leaves or animal skin to cover them, and then rinsed in the river.

When you enter a civilized society, there will be more menstrual treatment methods.

During the feudal period of my country, humans invented silk. At that time, what women used in women at that time were also called moon bands.At that time, affected by the ancient feudal concepts, women believed that the moon belt was a very private thing. Generally, the mother taught them at home and sewn them in person.

The style is basically the same. Some of the shape of the growth strips are widened, and some are widened on both sides of the middle. Then the slender bands sewed on both ends are used to fix.Material.

It will not be thrown away after use, and will be cleaned and wait for the next time.

It can also be seen from this that the ancients were very taboo about women’s menstruation. Then, if the woman in the palace was involved in the coming and the moon, what should I do?

In the Tang Dynasty, it turned it into a rotary system, which means that when the concubine who came to the moon was turn to herself, they could directly play the emperor and then rest.

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