Why do women during pregnancy do not want to wipe with paper after their urination?

When it comes to life during pregnancy, many mothers are very careful. They are afraid that their disapproval or hygiene will not reach, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Speaking of this, Xiao Lei of the unit is inexplicably inquiring about the elders who have given birth to why their daughter -in -law are so special.When the daughter -in -law found that she would no longer use paper towels after she was pregnant, she said that the hygiene on the paper towel was not afraid of bacterial infection. After each urinating, she had to rinse with warm water from top to bottom.Even if you use it, you need to use the poisonous paper towels gently.

This made Xiao Lei feel that the daughter -in -law had depression during pregnancy.In fact, Xiao Lei’s daughter -in -law is too cautious, but it is also necessary to confirm whether it is like before, and wipe it with paper towels every time after urination, so that most people’s skin can accept this method.However, some people’s skin is prone to infection, especially after the paper towels are rubbed, different symptoms will occur.

Some people are also more special. When using paper towels, they are just touching gently. If wiping, different itching or redness will appear, which may not be suitable according to the skin.Such a special crowd during pregnancy, due to the expansion of the uterus during pregnancy, the number of frequency frequency is increased.If you wipe this time, it will also cause the private parts to be infected, not everyone, but there is a certain precedent.

Listening to Xiao Lei’s daughter -in -law said that she is usually susceptible to infection in her private parts. Even if they are cleaned every day, their physique is prone to mild inflammation.After pregnancy, she found that this serious and continuous expansion was continuously expanded. When I went to the hospital, I also asked the doctor. The doctor also suggested that she rinse with warm water as much as possible.Causes itching or gynecological inflammation caused by pneumothorax infections.

Especially during pregnancy, do not take medicine at will. Xiao Lei’s daughter -in -law does not want to endure the harassment of gynecology. She insists on rinse with warm water every day. No matter how many times it takes a day, she has always persisted, hoping not to affect the baby’s normal development because of her physique.For her husband’s statement, she can only admit that she is too careful, and does not change her habit because of this.

Female care

In reality, many women also appear during their monthly physiological periods. They are allergic to sanitary napkins, or allergies to wear underwear. In fact, these special constitution female friends must be very cautious and choose their own appropriate brands.

Underwear: Cotton is good, insist on cleaning with special underwear soap every day, dry in the sun, do not mix with other clothes, it is easy to make bacteria stick to underwear, causing gynecological diseases.

Sanitary napkins, paper towels: In contact with women’s private parts, you must choose a large factory, choose your own dry type or cotton type to use, do not use inferior products.Many gynecological inflammation is caused by unqualified production of paper towels and sanitary napkins, especially sanitary napkins sticking to underwear, which is also one of the status of bacterial infection.

Many wet towels on the market claim to have the role of anti -virus and sterilization. Many women are used to wipe their private parts with these wet towels, but these are unscientific. Wet towel contains water may remain in the private parts, resulting in a large area of bacterial diffusion.Not only will it not eliminate inflammation and sterilization, even expand, spreading bacterial infections.

It is recommended that women must use paper towels in the order from top to bottom. Do not use it randomly. It is the most hygienic and safest way.

Today, do you think paper towels can wipe their private parts every day?Welcome to leave your suggestion in the message area.

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