Why do women become stupid after giving birth?

"Women will become stupid after giving birth", this is a controversial topic.Many people think that after pregnancy and childbirth, women will have problems such as decreased cognitive ability and inattention, so they are considered "stupid".

In the past, this seems to be an incredible statement.However, in recent studies, scientists have discovered an interesting fact: women really feel that they will become more limited, forgotten, and inattention after giving birth.

Some women reported that they became clumsy and loose.For example, often forgetting key information or inadequate attention, leading to problems in work, family and social life.As a result, this topic has increasingly attracted the attention of scientists.

There are many factors in this phenomenon, and we will analyze separately.

1. Decrease in the thickness of the cerebral cortex

We need to understand the structure and physiological functions of women’s brain.The brain is one of the most complex organs of the human body. The structure and physiological function of the female brain are different from men.Studies have shown that women’s brains will change after giving birth, which may affect cognitive ability.Studies have shown that during pregnancy, women’s cerebral cortex will decrease, which may affect women’s work memory and space learning ability.

Second, hormone changes

Fertility is the physiological process of a woman, which is called "hormonal change".Under the influence of hormones, women’s body, psychology, and behavior will change, and the state of the body will relax.Women will experience many physiological and emotional challenges in a short period of time.Hormonal changes will affect the structure and activities of the brain network, which will affect women’s cognition and emotional process.

In particular, during pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone of pregnant women has changed a lot, and it is reduced to a lower level after childbirth, which may affect women’s cognition.Therefore, women may feel dizzy after giving birth, such as concentrating on listening to others’ speeches and processing information.

Third, insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common issues of newborn parents.You will find that when your child is born, you can hardly sleep for many hours in a row.However, insomnia is very bad for your body and brain, it will affect your thinking and attention.That’s right, if you have insomnia because of your baby, it may cause you to feel stupid.

Fourth, parenting pressure

Through the growth of a child, the female’s brain will make at least one short -term change.Parenting opportunities and challenges theoretically help the brain to adapt to more complicated tasks, thereby increasing nerve and cognitive elasticity.

But when completing this process, women need to face too much pressure.Especially in the parenting experience of multiple children, the pressure of parenting can easily make people’s brains unable to concentrate, and it is difficult to maintain sober thinking.

5. Squeeze out too little personal time

The mother’s housework and care of their children are heavy, and many factors increase the possibility of women who forget information and not concentrate after fertility.When the mother tries to squeeze out time to provide time for herself, it will become inappropriate, curious and easy to distract.This is because the brain will try to better meet the needs of thoughts and feelings to expand the scope of language and cognition.


Women may have some cognitive problems after giving birth.These problems are often induced and intensified by factors such as physiology, stress, parenting challenges, and insomnia.In addition, squeezing personal time and the pursuit of heavy housework can also affect women’s performance in thinking.

However, it is worth noting that this does not mean that all women will become stupid after giving birth.This depends on personal situation.Many women have performed well in their work after giving birth and achieved outstanding achievements.In addition, there are some measures to help women maintain good cognitive ability after giving birth, such as paying attention to nutritional diet, reasonable arrangements for rest time, and participating in appropriate exercise.

Therefore, we can’t simply generalize whether to become stupid after giving birth.The changes in women’s body and brain structure have individual differences and are affected by many factors.Although studies have shown that pregnancy and childbirth may affect women’s cognitive ability, it is not common or permanent.The most important thing is to let women experience and play their own potential.

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