Why do we need to prepare for three months?The real reason is this, more scientific than you think

How long is the most suitable pregnancy?Folic acid needs to be supplemented in advance before pregnancy, it is best to eat it for two or three months.In fact, the process of supplement folic acid is the process of preparing pregnancy.Therefore, it is best to stay for three months during pregnancy.Why is it the best for three months in advance.Basis: It takes 85 days to form a high -quality egg cell.One is the formation of healthy and very high -quality egg cells that require a growth cycle of up to 85 days.In this long screening period, pregnant women need to comprehensively condition their bodies so that they can excrete the highest quality egg cells.

Based on two: The formation of a high -quality sperm cells takes 90 days.Sperm cells develop from sperm cells into sperm cells, and then develop into a true sperm cells.This gradual development process takes up to 72-90 days.Based on three: The metabolic cycle of harmful substances in the body is three months.There are many harmful substances, toxins, etc. in the human body.If you take medicine, there will be some drug residues in the body.Three months is a complete cycle of human metabolic harmful substances.Therefore, if you want your baby to develop healthily, you need to start preparing three months in advance.

Based on the four: women with pregnant women need to supplement folic acid.In order to prevent the fetus from suffering from neurotransmittering, women who prepare for pregnancy need to replenish folic acid in advance.The suggestions given by the Chinese Institute of Nutrition are to supplement folic acid at 2-3 months before pregnancy, until three months of pregnancy, or even through the entire pregnancy.In addition, supplementing folic acid can not only prevent fetal nerve tube deformity, but also reduce the chance of pregnancy hyperlipidemia.It can be seen that preparing pregnancy three months in advance is the best.Preparation of pregnancy three months in advance can not only regulate the body’s state to the best, but also have high -quality sperm eggs.Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Growth Interest)

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