Why do stretch marks during pregnancy?How to prevent pregnant mothers!

“Whur do you think is the most beautiful woman in China?Many expectant mothers began to worry about their stomachs full of patterns, so they started to apply pregnancy oil, but they still couldn’t avoid long lines.So how do stretch marks come out and how to prevent it?Let’s let us get the knowledge of stretch marks together!

How does stretch marks come from?

The ten -month pregnancy period allows the abdomen of the pregnant mother to increase with the lower skin fat and the fetus.Give striped stretch marks.

Stretch marks are mainly distributed: abdomen, hips, chest, and limbs.

Long -line signal: The skin starts to itch, there are small red dots, generally in the middle of pregnancy and the third trimester.

How to prevent stretch marks?

We need to know that stay away from stretch marks and prevent more than treatment

1. Control weight during pregnancy.The weight growth during pregnancy is controlled at about 10-15 kilograms, and the weight gain during pregnancy is as much as possible.In addition, in the diet, the intake of collagen should be added.

2. Keep abdominal skin moisturizing.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can do abdomen moisturizing after bathing, alleviate itching and other symptoms during skin tensile, and also help prevent stretch marks. In addition, the skin is dry and itching.EssenceFor safety considerations, use any prevented stretch marks during pregnancy.

3. Skin massage.You can apply oil to the abdomen, massage moderate daily, and increase the elasticity and ductility of the abdominal skin.Or wash the abdomen with a slightly cold water at the temperature while taking a bath, and gently massage at the same time.

4. Appropriate exercise.Appropriate exercise during pregnancy not only helps to give birth, but also help transform local fat into muscles and lighten the obese patterns of hips and thighs.In the case of physical permission, you can walk more every day or choose aerobic exercise such as yoga and jogging to promote your body’s metabolism.

5. Use the belt.Combined with your own situation, use the belt rational.The belt can bear the gravity burden of the abdomen, reduce the pressure of the skin, and avoid excessive extension and pull.

6. Diet guide.Avoid violent drinking!Pay attention to balanced diet; supplement collagen, improve the toughness of fibrous tissue and collagen fibers; supplementing W-3 foods such as deep-sea fish, walnuts, algae, etc.And high blood sugar; drink 8 glasses of water every day to prevent constipation.

What should I do if my stretch marks have grown?

Generally, after the passage of time, most mothers’ stretch marks will gradually become shallow.What we can do is to adhere to moisturizing, massage, exercise, balanced diet, and minimize and dilute stretch marks as much as possible.

Xiaobian wants to tell you that if you accidentally grow stretch marks, it doesn’t matter. It is the "witness" of mothers who bred life. It is the most important thing to maintain a good mood. It is still beautiful with its mothers.

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