Why do some women have not menstruation?Regarding the amenorrhea, it is related to these factors!


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When a woman’s body has reached a certain stage of maturity, the reproductive organs are developing well, and the endometrium will fall off, and then some menstrual blood is produced through the vagina, which is also called menstruation in clinical medicine.Menstruation does not cause trouble to women every month, but can observe some diseases in the body.

And menstruation also has hematopoietic function. For women, it will play a role in wounds. It is easy to supplement blood, which is conducive to women’s healing.And menstruation can also make women a mother, and women with regular menstruation are even greater.

But why do some women have not come to menstruation?Regarding this amenorrhea, it may be related to this factors, don’t care about it.


There are many reasons for women who do not come to menstruation. When children with childbearing age and sexual life have no menstruation, they must first pay attention to whether they are pregnant.Whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, patients cannot come to menstruation. If you want to know if you are pregnant, you can take morning urine and test it with early pregnancy test strips.

Lower reproductive lane atresia

When the lower part of the reproductive tract occurs, such as cervix, labia, vagina, or hymen, or adhesive locks caused by acquired damage.Even with menstruation, menstrual blood cannot flow normally, causing pseudo -amenorrhea. As long as it is treated in time, the problem of locking of the genital tract atresia can be completely cured by surgery.

Affected by "cold" stimulation

If you do not keep warm before menstruation, if you are cold or in a low -temperature environment for a long time, it will stimulate the pelvic blood vessels. Excessive shrinkage will lead to a decrease in menstrual flow and even amenorrhea.If the menstrual period is cold, not only is it easy to go a matter of dysmenorrhea, but this month will feel wrong, but it will also affect the normal menstruation of next month.

Frequent sexual life

There are also some women due to excessive sexual life. Excessive sexual life will cause serious damage to the vagina, which may lead to premature ovarian failure and manifested as the dryness of the vagina, heat and insomnia.Such as hyperthyroidism or low thyroid dysfunction, low menstrual flow, delayed menstruation.

Disease factors

If women suffer from severe tuberculosis, severe anemia, malnutrition and severe endocrine diseases, the endocrine system of the body will be disturbed, and the function of adrenal glands, thyroid and pancreas will also cause disorder, which will cause long -term menstruation.

Reproductive organ development

Some women have no ovarian or ovarian dysplasia or damage. Therefore, the ovaries cannot produce progesterone and estrogen normally. The endometrium cannot undergo periodic changes. The endometrium cannot fall off normally.Condition.

Lose weight

Women nowadays are very beautiful. They often say that they want to lose weight, but if they lose weight blindly, they will cause their body to lose balance, cause endocrine disorders, causing menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea.

In order to see a good weight loss effect, some women take weight loss pills blindly, but weight loss pills are hormone drugs, which can easily affect the balance of the human endocrine level and lead to amenorrhea.

Keep warm

Whatever season, warmth is essential. If the weather is cold, pay attention to keep warm. If pain occurs during menstruation, it is recommended to "heal the stomach".

There are many ways to heat it. You can use hot water bottle or baby heater for abdominal heating. This method can promote blood circulation and reduce blood stasis and reduce menstrual blood clots.But be careful not to be hot when heating, because the belly is more delicate.

Soak your feet every night

During menstruation, because the body needs to discharge the garbage and toxins in the body, a certain amount of blood will also be expelled. The blood circulation of the body will slow down and the body will become a bit cold.

Therefore, you can soak your feet during menstruation, because there are many feet on your feet, the acupuncture points and blood vessels of the body, soaking your feet can stimulate the corresponding acupoints of the uterus, making the uterus better and better.

relieve pressure

Negative emotions will affect a person’s endocrine, naturally lead to irregular menstruation, and it may cause other problems in the long run.Even during menstruation, women should pay attention to relaxing their moods, learn to adjust their living habits and rules of work and rest. Don’t stay up late to worry, but also maintain an optimistic attitude to prevent irregular menstruation.

Light diet

Diet is very important for menstrual conditioning, because the menstrual cycle is short for three days, as many as seven days.The food you eat during this period will definitely have a direct impact on your health. No matter what kind of eating habits you usually have, you should try to be as light as possible and eat less fried and spicy food.

Such foods are easy to interfere with endocrine and affect normal menstruation. Many women do not know where to hear that eating food during menstruation will not gain weight. For this situation, it is recommended that women do not take them blindly.Ejiao and other foods.

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